Friday, August 20, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Larissa Ione's Sin Undone

Book 5 and the final installment of Larissa Ione’s Demonica series is Sin Undone. Okay, before I review, I have to give a shout out to If it weren’t for their ARC tour, I wouldn’t be raving my review today. So…thank you, Rex! You rock!!

And now, onto the demonic magic of Larissa Ione. Sinead Donnelly is a demon who’s genetically flawed. She’s the first ever female Seminus Demon. For those of you who do not know the series, Seminus Demons are always male and NEVER female. In a DNA fluke, Sin was born right along with her twin, Lore.  He was the typical male Seminus Demon and Sin was the anomaly.  Now, she's the only Seminus female ever known to behold a disease-prone power and a killer sex drive.
Let me back up. A Seminus male demon, once gone through S’genisis – if not mated – can be a hell of a sperm bank for unsuspecting fertile females (human or demonic, otherwise). The Seminus demons in Ione’s novels - Eidolon, Shade, Wraith, Lore and now Sin - are all products of their father's overzealous sexual appetite. It’s not like a Seminus Demon can help it, really. Sex and release are as crucial to their demon species, almost like air is to humans. If you’re a Seminus demon, you MUST have sex or else.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the series, see Larissa’s site or my previous reviews of Book 1 & 2. Book 1, Pleasure Unbound (my review) and Book 2, Desire Unchained, (my review).  As I said before, I screwed the pooch and read this series out of sequence. Do yourself a favor and tow the line accordingly.

Now we first met Sin in Ecstasy Unveiled. I laughed out loud HARD when I read the “Sex Bet” scene with Sin and Con (the dhampire: half vampire/werewolf). Freaking funny as all get out! Reading about Sin was so pleasurable it felt like a sin, truly. Sin has this abominable gift to inflict any disease to anyone/demon she touches – diseases that could wipe out entire races, let alone species. In Book 5, she’s caused a catastrophic mess by conjuring up a plague that nearly destroyed all worlds of werewolves. She didn’t mean to do it, or did she? One never knows with Sin. The disease was running ramped and Underworld General, the neutral demon hospital, was feeling Sin’s repercussions.

What makes this book different from the rest? First of all…Sin. She’s an outright mess, who fits rather nicely next to all her brother’s and their demonic/neurotic tendencies. Sin is Wraith with tits. She’s ballsy, witty and has a sex drive to outmatch most males. Basically, Con’s dream girl. And the heat that these two generate when near one another is off the charts.

Sin Undone is full of sub plots that make you wonder if this series is really over. I hope not. What a tragedy it would be to discontinue such a vivid, sadistic, sensual, demonic underworld. A complete and utter tragedy, I assure you. Sin’s book was just a lively as the others. Once you read the other novels, only then can you really appreciate Sin and her complex character. She’s hell on wheels or daggers, actually. Oh, how I enjoyed this book. I won’t tell you more than that…you’ll just have to go out and buy it when it releases, August 24th.

Larissa Ione writes like a MF and that’s meant as a compliment. If you’re looking for something different and sexy from a killer writer, then Ione’s Deminica Novels are just for you.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I gave Larissa Ione’s Sin Undone a 4.5. (Sniffle…I can’t believe the saga is over.)

Mina B.


Rex Robot Reviews said...

Great review! I agree completely... Larissa writes like a MF!! HAha. :)

Mina Burrows said...

Thanks RR. Don't I know it. I can't wait for the new series.