Sunday, June 5, 2016

IWSG: Ever Feel Like This?

Hey there blog fiends! I know I missed IWSG on Wednesday, but I still decided to do mine this weekend.  I know it's been awhile, but I wanted to get a quick IWSG post in before Summer kicks in and school breaks.  IWSG was created by Alex J. Cavanaugh and this month's host are Murees Dupe, Alexia Chamberlynn, Chemist Ken, and Heather Gardner!

How are things with you guys?  Like most, my world has been crazy and I'm praying Summer will give me the break I desperately need.  What about you? I feel like I blinked and 2016 is half way over.  Am I right?

IWSG:  Ever Feel Like This?

Anyway, I saw this picture and this summed up how I've been feeling for the last few months with managing life and expectations.

Who's with me in understanding Sasha's insane moment of resting with The Walking Dead?  For me this picture describes how numbing life can be with endless and mounting responsibilities.  It's not like I view it as bad, it's just life and its there and you deal with it.  It's like the dead featured here are my day-to-day demands and I'm managing to slay them all!  HAH!  And... it's also how I feel about my stories.  My writings are like these zombies here and they haunt me and torture me in ways that are indescribable,  And yet, they are my everything.  As challenging as the writing process can be, it is my foundation.  Ever feel that way?  Eh...maybe not.  Well, these thoughts may be a bit too much for an IWSG but it's how I've been lately.

What about you?  Tell me what's been going on.  I missed everyone.  Did you miss me too?