Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freedom Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Freedom Giveaway Hop!  Woot!  Over 200 blogs are participating for a full week so you’ll have ample opportunity to win, win, WIN!  Just like before, I’d be S.O.L without my Free Sh** Fairy.   And just look at what he brought me for a giveaway….Lara Adrian’s Deeper Than Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 9)!
I'm #105
That’s right, minions.  That's one heck of a package from my Free Sh** Fairy, huh?  This book just came out this week so it’s hot, hot, HOT off the presses!  And thanks to my Free Sh** Fairy, I’ve got one copy to give away.  But WAIT…there’s more. 

Recently, I was fortunate to be a recipient of an ARC copy of Lara Adrian’s Deeper Than Midnight – book 9 in her Midnight Breed Series.  (Note: For those of you that missed my review, see here.)  As an added perk, I also received some book markers and SIGNED book plates for this giveaway!  *squeaks* How awesome is that?
Now, let’s get down to business. One (1) lucky winner will win one (1) copy of Deeper Than Midnight plus one (1) signed book plate and one (1) set of the series’ book markers!  Don’t ya love it!  I know.  I know.  Calm down.  Also, I have more book markers and book plates to give away so I’ll be picking additional names to send these out to some lucky winners.

The Freedom Giveaway Hop runs from 12:01 AM on July 1st on thru July 7th, midnight – so you’ll have plenty of time to enter!

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Again, the giveaway runs from 12:01 AM on July 1st to July 7th, midnight. Contest is for US residents only. Want to see who else is participating? Take a look at the links here and hop on by.

Mina B.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Review: Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones

Book one in Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones (Mortal Instruments), was definitely not what I expected.   Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  I’ll do my best not to mention too many spoilers but I’m won’t make any promises.
The book opened with fifteen year old Clary Fray hanging out at a club called Pandemonium in New York City where she sees things that no one else can see.  I was hooked instantly by Clare’s vivid words and artful imagination.  Clary spied the unthinkable and doesn’t know how or why.  It’s there where she meets a young pack of beings called Shadow Hunters.  She’s drawn to them, but for what reason?  These Shadow Hunters she befriended are both fierce and feared.  But how can Clary, such a young, insecure and innocent teenager, have the courage to hang with demon hunters…killers even?

In a series of events, her overprotective mother disappeared and not too long after, she’s chased by horrifying demons.  Everything that was familiar to her is now inexplicably different.  The tale then moved from one task to the next as Clary tries to find her mother, save her friend and find the mortal cup.  During her quest, she slowly discovered the truth about what she is.  And not to mention who her father is.

This book had pros and cons for me.  First pro, it was unbelievably well written.  The dark urban fantasy world Clare created was amazing and captivating.  The beginning started with a bang, but then at times, I found the book lagging.  For example, Clary and her new shadow friends did a bunch of running around which I found tiring and unnecessary.  During the last third of the book, the plot spiked and I was excited.  With all the foreshadowing, it was easy to guess who her father was so I was excited to read the outcome.  Unfortunately, the author did what I thought was a bait and switch with the plot, revealing a major character – and potential love interest – as her brother.  For me, I found that confusing and slightly disappointing.
Overall, my favorite aspect was the dark world of Shadow Hunters, Idris and the City of Bones.  I loved the characters Jace, Simon, Alec and even Luke.  I couldn’t get enough of them and wanted to read more.  For me, Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones (Mortal Instruments) was a 3.75.  If you’re looking for a unique take on dark YA urban fantasy, then this is just the book for you! 
Until next time…Mortal Instruments anyone?

Mina B.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop: Winner

Congrats to Veronica L., the winner of the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop and the recipient of Cassandre Claire’s Book 1 in her Mortal Instruments, City of Bones. The Winner will be notified by email and will have no more than 72 hours to respond before another winner is drawn. Winners are selected by the reputable
City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)was a completely different read for me; one I wasn’t expecting.  Stay tuned as I review it in the next couple of days.  You won’t want to miss it!

Thank you, everyone for participating.  I especially love all the wonderful comments.  They warm my heart.  And I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to my Free Sh** Fairy for delivering a great giveaway.  She’s the best, really.   In fact, she’s so good; she’s already found the giveaway for the Freedom Giveaway Hop which starts July 1st – 7th .

If you remember, I recently reviewed bestselling author, Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series, Deeper Than Midnight.  (Note:  I loved it.  See my ARC review here!)  Well, as promised for the Freedom Hop, I am giving away one copy of book, Deeper Than Midnight which is 9 in the series.  The book releases June 28th so you can enter to win the book plus I'm giving away some bookmarkers plus some book plates signed by Lara, herself! Awesome, isn't it?  I know.  The contest starts July 1st so stay tuned.

Once again, thanks minions.  I know summer can be crazy but at least we have our books.

Until next time…

Mina B.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fridays wth Fred: Time Out

Hey, minions!  Today’s Fridays with Fred is a shot of Fred in time out.  You might be wondering what he did to get in the time out chair, but truthfully he didn’t do a thing.  He’s totally posing but you gotta wonder why his ears are back like that?  Feeling guilty about something, Fred? I don’t catch all his crazy canine shenanigans, but believe me…he pulls them every day.  Life with Fred is never a dull moment.

Have a great weekend!
Fred!  Go sit in time out!
Check out another bad boy pix of Fred here.   Please remember to visit Schatze over at Mary's (BookHounds). 
Mina B.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop.  I don’t know about you guys, but my summer has been insane.  I’ve been so busy; I’ve barely had enough time to think about a giveaway for this hop.  Luckily I didn’t have to…thanks to you know who…. The Free Sh** Fairy.  
Thank the gods that my FS fairy had her sh** together (cuz I sure didn't.)  I gotta hand it to her.  I don’t know where she gets all this free sh**.  She could pull it out of her a** for all I know. The point is…my giveaways wouldn’t be possibly if it weren’t for her…and of course her free sh**.   

Now, let’s get down to business.  This time my giveaway is for Cassandre Claire’s Book 1 in her Mortal Instruments, City of Bones.  This New York Times Bestseller is one of the hottest YA novels out there.  And now one (1) lucky winner will win the first book of the acclaimed series.  How’s that sound for a giveaway?  Good?  Great! 

 If you haven’t read the series, check out the hit reviews on GoodReads and why not try the City of Bones excerpt here. 

The MidSummer’s Eve Blog Hop runs from 12:01 AM on Tuesday, June 21st on thru June 24th, midnight.

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Again, the giveaway runs from 12:01 AM on Tuesday, June 21st to June 24th, midnight.  Contest is for US residents only. Want to see who else is participating? Take a look at the links here and hop on by.

Mina B.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fridays with Fred: Dog Day Of Summer

Fridays with Fred is a bit late today for a reason.  Fred was sleeping so...  Ah, a dog's life.  Have a good weekend. 

Anyway, here are some other silly shots of Fred here andhere.  Also, don't forget to check out Schatze over at Mary's (BookHounds).
Mina B.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: Lara Adrian's Deeper Than Midnight

Since last fall, I’ve patiently waited – along with the rest of Lara Adrian’s fans – for Book 9 in the Midnight Breed Warrior series, Deeper Than Midnight.   And boy was this book worth the wait.   I was blessed to receive an ARC copy from Lara and her assistant, Heather, so I want to say THANK YOU so very much. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. *sniffle*

In Book 8, we finished with Brock and Jenna’s story, which in my opinion kept me guessing.  (See my review here.)  If you recall, Dragos kidnapped Kellen Archer and then viscously attacked the Lazaro Darkhaven.  The only survivors were the Gen 1 warrior, Lazaro and his grandson Kellen.   In the chaos of the abominable scene, Lucan –against his better judgment – allowed the two Darkhaven family members entrance and refuge at the Order's compound.   In Deeper Than Midnight, we learn what a HUGE mistake that was.  Want to know more?  Buy the book.

Now, the real juice behind this tale is Hunter and Corrine’s story and then the rest sets the stage for Book 10, Deeper After Midnight.  What's that?  You guessed it, Harvard lovers…Book 10 & Chase’s story. I’ll get to Sterling Chase in a minute. First, let’s talk about Hunter. *pause for a deep sigh*   What’s not to love about him? Just like all the breed warriors, he’s big and lethal but more importantly, he’s HOT! As one of Dragos’s former top assassins, Hunter comes off like a quiet, subdued, calculating warrior that in any given situation, can deduced several ways to kill a being. But what makes me swoon is his affection for the little Mira. It’s too endearing. 

As for his growing attraction to Corrine, it’s no wonder why Hunter’s drawn to her. Both of them suffered deep emotional wounds while being held captive by Dragos. And now that Corrine’s free, she’s introduced back into her old life and uncovers the horrifying truth behind Dragos abducting her. With Hunter’s help, she searches for something Dragos stole from her during her captivity. And she’ll do anything to get it back, even go head-to-head with Hunter. 

This book was dark and I loved it. Hunter and Corrine were so perfect for each other. I adored how Lara connected their stories, building a sensual and beautiful romance that started from great pain and loss. And what made this story even darker was Chase’s unraveling. Holy heck, I can’t wait Book 10.

Lara Adrian’s Deeper Than Midnight is hands down a 4.5. For me, it’s the “bump and set” to her next tale, Deeper After Midnight which I have no doubt will be the ultimate spike. I can’t wait!

Until next time…read anything Breed!

Mina B.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lara Adrian's New Cover Art: Darker After Midnight

Hey, minions.  I've been wanting to post this for awhile now.  Released just last month is the cover art of Lara Adrian’s Book 10 in the Midnight Breed Series, Darker After Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel.  For those that don’t know, this is the book her die-hard fans have been begging for.  Its Sterling Chase’s story a.k.a. Harvard.  Ooooooh, we love him!  This former agent is wound so tight, he’s going to need a fierce female to snap him back in to place.  And we just can’t wait!  Anyway, here’s the cover art and it’s it awesome?  I know.  I know.  It’s okay.  Go ahead and freak out.  I did too.  
Darker After Midnight releases January 24, 2012. *squeals with excitement*

And now for some even bigger news… Lara recently announced via her newsletter that she has "recently signed on to write another two books in the series, and there will also be an exclusive, e-book original novella coming out.”  Wahoo!  Since we know the story won’t be about Gideon and Savannah, I wonder who it will feature?  Thoughts?  That’s a tough one, but it’s still great news! Stay tuned because later this year, we’ll find out!

Lastly, sign up for Lara Adrian's newsletter and get a sneak peek at the first few chapters of her next upcoming book Deeper Than Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 9), scheduled to be released June 28, 2011.  Hurry!

Until next time…read anything Breed!

Mina B.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fridays with Fred: Frisbee Fun

Fred’s goes insane when he’s playing with his toys, especially his Frisbee.  I’m constantly finding his toys everywhere and forever tossing them into his basket.  And then two seconds later he’s behind me, pulling them back out again.  He’s plays with his toys more than any kid I know.  The Frisbee’s one of his favorites and I found this one lodged under the TV.  Since I discovered it last night, he’s been prancing around it and flipping it in the air.  It’s too cute and I thought I’d share.  Can you see the smile in he's eyes? 
Have a good weekend.
Anyway, here are some other silly shots of Fred here and here.  Also, don't forget to check out Schatze over at Mary's (BookHounds).
Mina B.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Review: Kresley Cole's No Rest for the Wicked

I just finished Kresely Cole’s No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark, Book 2) in her Immortals After Dark series.  What a great read.! All I can say is after reading the first three books, plus reading her latest, Dreams of a Dark Warrior, I now have even more of an appreciation for the Valkyrie.  One word: hilarious.  If you’ve missed my previous reviews see here for Book 1, A Hunger Like No Other and Book 3, Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night.
No Rest for the Wicked features Kaderin the Cold Hearted and Sebastian Wroth.  Sebastian is a great warrior who was turned into a vampire by his brother, Nikolai.  During his last human breaths, he begged for mercy and instead was damned by his own sibling.  From that moment on he felt such self loathing; he rejected his family and his immortality.  After centuries of seclusion and only drinking blood provided by butchers, he decides to wither away in his castle and unknowingly became a sitting duck for Kaderin the Cold Hearted.  As a lethal Valkyrie and vampire annihilator, Kaderin never hesitated in her millennia years of existence to deal a death blow to any vampire.  But for some reason this time, she pauses, curious about the brooding beast.  And in that split second, their fates are sealed. How?  Kaderin is Sebastian’s Bride.

In the Lore, all beings have their significant others, Lykae’s have their mates, Demons have their lovers and Vampires have their Brides etc...  You get the picture.  But when a Vampire finds his Bride, something cosmic happens; his dead heart starts pumping full of life and ever more so of desire.  Now Sebastian has a purpose.  Kaderin is his only existence.  But how can Kaderin, with her frigid nature, all of a sudden feel something and especially for him?  She knows she’s his and deep down she wants him too, but what’s a Valkyrie to do?  Their species are sworn enemies of the Vampires.  But Sebastian’s not like the Horde Vampires; he’s a kind hearted soul with an overwhelming need to claim his Bride.  Will Bastian’s warm heart thaw Kaderin’s very soul?  I won’t tell you what happens.  But hot damn if it isn’t that flipping good!
Like I mentioned before, I love those Valkyrie chicks.  And I can’t wait for “Nucking Futs” Nix’s story.  No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark, Book 2) has a delicious plot, providing all those feel good moments essential to a paranormal romance.  I loved it and am sure you will too.  For me, it's a 4.
Until next time….looking for something sizzling?  Try Cole's Immortals After Dark series. 

Mina B.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fridays with Fred: Virtual Fred

Well, I had to do it.  "Virtual Fred" is here thanks to Mary and Schatze over at BookHounds.  Schatze is virtual too so be sure and check her out.  I laughed so hard when I saw Schatze's virtual self.  She's too cute for words and a trend setter too.  As for Fred, when I created his, it didn’t have a feature for spots so sorry if it's not exact.  Also, Fred complained about the tail being too long because you know from way back he’s got nubbin issues.  Anyway, “Virtual Fred” is interactive.  Play ball with him and toss him a bone or two.  He like to play just like the real Fred. 
Enjoy your weekend!

For sillier Fred shots click here. That’s the entire listing of him to date. Man, he gets around.

Mina B.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Splash Into Summer Giveaway Blog Hop Winner

And the winner for Splash Into Summer Giveaway Blog Hop is…
Congratulations to Idris the winner the Splash Into Summer hop and the recipient of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (my review here) and a $10 Starbucks GC. The winner will be notified by email and will have no more than 72 hours to respond before another winner is drawn. Winners are selected by the reputable

A special thanks to The Free Sh** Fairy!  What would we do without her?  But seriously, minions…a HUGE thanks to everyone who participated! As I said before, I love doing these hops and plan to do another contest soon so be sure and check back or sign up to receive my email notifications.

Until next time…
Mina B.