Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: Lara Adrian's Deeper Than Midnight

Since last fall, I’ve patiently waited – along with the rest of Lara Adrian’s fans – for Book 9 in the Midnight Breed Warrior series, Deeper Than Midnight.   And boy was this book worth the wait.   I was blessed to receive an ARC copy from Lara and her assistant, Heather, so I want to say THANK YOU so very much. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. *sniffle*

In Book 8, we finished with Brock and Jenna’s story, which in my opinion kept me guessing.  (See my review here.)  If you recall, Dragos kidnapped Kellen Archer and then viscously attacked the Lazaro Darkhaven.  The only survivors were the Gen 1 warrior, Lazaro and his grandson Kellen.   In the chaos of the abominable scene, Lucan –against his better judgment – allowed the two Darkhaven family members entrance and refuge at the Order's compound.   In Deeper Than Midnight, we learn what a HUGE mistake that was.  Want to know more?  Buy the book.

Now, the real juice behind this tale is Hunter and Corrine’s story and then the rest sets the stage for Book 10, Deeper After Midnight.  What's that?  You guessed it, Harvard lovers…Book 10 & Chase’s story. I’ll get to Sterling Chase in a minute. First, let’s talk about Hunter. *pause for a deep sigh*   What’s not to love about him? Just like all the breed warriors, he’s big and lethal but more importantly, he’s HOT! As one of Dragos’s former top assassins, Hunter comes off like a quiet, subdued, calculating warrior that in any given situation, can deduced several ways to kill a being. But what makes me swoon is his affection for the little Mira. It’s too endearing. 

As for his growing attraction to Corrine, it’s no wonder why Hunter’s drawn to her. Both of them suffered deep emotional wounds while being held captive by Dragos. And now that Corrine’s free, she’s introduced back into her old life and uncovers the horrifying truth behind Dragos abducting her. With Hunter’s help, she searches for something Dragos stole from her during her captivity. And she’ll do anything to get it back, even go head-to-head with Hunter. 

This book was dark and I loved it. Hunter and Corrine were so perfect for each other. I adored how Lara connected their stories, building a sensual and beautiful romance that started from great pain and loss. And what made this story even darker was Chase’s unraveling. Holy heck, I can’t wait Book 10.

Lara Adrian’s Deeper Than Midnight is hands down a 4.5. For me, it’s the “bump and set” to her next tale, Deeper After Midnight which I have no doubt will be the ultimate spike. I can’t wait!

Until next time…read anything Breed!

Mina B.


ChrisS said...

Great review. I am so excited about this book and just can't wait.

Mina Burrows said...

Thanks, ChrisS. I was excited too. Well worth the wait too. :)