Review Policy
I do not receive money for book reviews and for the most part, the books I review are purchased out of my own pocket.  Call me crazy, but I like this policy because it allows me to read what I want when I want.  What a concept, eh? Occasionally, I receive paranormal books directly from authors which I am thankful.  In these instances, it’s typically an ARC copy of a book, which I accept graciously.

Since I've steadily received more book review requests, I've decided to clarify a few things.  If you’re an author or publisher and are interested in having me review a novel, please see the type of novels I read first before contacting me.  I receive emails regularly from publishers and authors requesting me to read all types of novels including ones outside the paranormal genre.  I only consider review requests within the genre stated.  If I accept a review request, it does not automatically mean I will agree to post a review of my blog.  Most of the time, I do, but as the author of this blog, I reserve the right to post reviews at my discretion.  That being said, if I read a book I like, chances are high I will post a review.

I make no promises on timing.  Like most book lovers, I read when I can and will always do my best to accommodate a book review request.  If you have a time sensitive request, let me know ahead of time and I’ll evaluate your request.

Published vs. Self-Published
I do not discriminate between published and self-published authors.  I’m a reader at heart and will always strive to promote all authors equally.  My policy for any author is to read the first 50 pages.  If by then I’m not hooked, I will stop reading.  As a courtesy, once a review is posted, I will send an email to the author with a link to the book review.

What to expect with my reviews
I rarely post summaries or synopsis because, frankly, I think it’s a waste.  Anyone interested in an official book summary can go to Amazon, Goodreads or read the jacket flap.  My only interest in reviewing books is to convey my thoughts about a novel, period.  Furthermore, when I adore a book, it clearly shows in my review, which is a bonus for an author.  What you’ll also find in my reviews is I take the time not only review a book but link properly to the author’s website and book.  (Note:  If you know anything about online marketing, then you’ll appreciate this.)  In some instances, I go as far as linking to excerpts, which is another bonus for the author.

Types of Novels I Review
As you can see from my blog, I prefer paranormal books but to clarify, see below:
  • YA Paranormal Books
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Steampunk
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction
On a side note, I have a secret passion for historical romance too. Although it’s doubtful I’ll post a review on this blog, I may consider reading a historical romance book and then posting a review on GoodReads or Amazon.
If you have any questions about my review or policies, please email me directly.

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