Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Lynsay Sands's Tall, Dark & Hungry

Book 4 in Lynsay Sands's Argeneau series is Tall, Dark & Hungry. Bastien Argeneau is the main man in this sultry book and I can honestly say, he’s one of my fav of the Argeneau men. Why?...because Bastien is the family problem solver. He’s the go-to guy for almost any scenario. He holds just as much clout as Lucien but is less judgmental and more likeable.

Fast forward to his story, it’s time for Kate and Lucern to walk down the aisle. Kate’s summoned her BF/cousin, Terri, as her maid of honor. Terri is a widow, who like Bastien, has a painful past. She’s already lost a loved one to a disease and the last thing she wants is to get involved with another man with a medical condition.

Naturally - since Bastien’s the best man – he’s forced to escort Terri around town. When Bastien and Terri first meet, they are unexpectedly charged with well...planning the wedding. Preparing for a wedding can be hell for couple planning it. Fortunately for Kate and Lucern, they dumped all the responsibility to Bastien and Terri and that’s when the fun begins.

Bastien understands she’s his lifemate when he can’t read her. Terri’s smitten too; enthralled by Bastien’s handsome face, sweet/natural disposition and refined intelligence. But when she sees evidence of his possible medical condition (i.e. IV stand, packets of blood etc…), does she have the strength to give love a try?

One aspect I loved best about this story was the parallel lives of the two characters. Both are dependable, both are loveable, both have deep pain and regret and both are fearful of getting hurt. These two couldn’t be more perfect for one another. Yet…extenuating circumstances aside, the eternal commitment needed for an immortal life is the real issue at hand for both Bastien and Terri. Is their love enough?

Sands methodically weaved a tale of love and passion around planning a wedding. She skillfully keeps the intense emotions of love, loss and passion remotely at bay, while the main characters focus on...the wedding. Sands’s effortlessly writes humor into her plots like its second nature. This was a laugh out loud book for me. I really did enjoy it and I’m certain you will too.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Tall Dark & Hungry a 4. Yeah…it’s one of my favorites because I just love Bastien.

Until next time…read, read, read about an Argenearu.

Mina B.

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Deedles said...

I haven't read any of the books from this series yet but they look like good reads. I'll have to check them out.