Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Lynsay Sands's Love Bites

Lynsay Sands’s Love Bites is Book 2 in the Argeneau Series. And it’s ohhhh soo good. Etienne Argeneau is the second family member in the Argeneau family to be bitten by the life mate bug. He’s being stalked by psychopath who’s obsessed with vampires (a.k.a Pudge.)

After being killed twice by Pudge, Etienne is beyond surprised to meet his life mate on a cold gurney in a hospital’s morgue. Dr. Rachel Garrett is a physician who works the nightshift at the hospital morgue. This young, beautiful and smart physician doesn’t have much of a social life working all hours of the night being surrounded by the dead. All that changes, of course, when she meets the unknown “John Doe” specimen, Etienne. Their first meeting happened when Etienne shows up D.O.A. at the morgue with a gunshot wound, courtesy of Pudge. Rachel is creepily smitten at the handsome but dead corpse. But Etienne actually isn’t dead; he’s only wounded - by Pudge, no less. Pudge is relentless in his attempts to kill Etienne and Rachel gets caught in the middle and that’s just for starters with this exciting novel.

I adored this book from page 1, I swear. In fact, I think the beginning was probably my favorite part of the book. Etienne and Rachel are perfect life mate material. At first, Rachel is unsure what to think about Etienne. He’s gorgeous and built like an athlete, ideal for her. But his shyness almost blows it for their romance. Thankfully it doesn’t but I won’t tell you more than that.

As far as the villain in the novel…well, there’s something to be said for Pudge. Gotta love Pudge. And as an added plus, the cast of Argeneau characters kept me entertained along the way (Marguerite, Bastien and Thomas). The Argeneau family dynamic is so masterly written, while you’re reading this series, you can’t help but be drawn to the other characters wondering when or how they’ll meet their life mates.

I won’t tell you more than I have about this book because that wouldn’t be right. Love Bites pulls you deeper into the Argeneau series, making you want to read the entire series in one sitting.

On the Mina Burrows Killometer, I give Lynsay Sands's Love Bites 3.5.  And if you're not sold on this book or the series for that matter, go to Lynsay's website and read a Love Bites excerpt.

Until next time…read anything about an Argeneau.

Mina B.

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