Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Creepy Classic Review: Bram Stoker's Dracula

My Creepy Classic for this month is none other than Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Whew…what a read! I can honestly say with the upmost certainty that this was the best classic I’ve read so far.

The only puzzling notion I have is: Do I love it because it’s a thrilling read or Do I love it because it’s Dracula. Would I love a tale such as this if it were written present day? I’m certain I’d love it no matter what, but I can’t help but wonder. The truth is so much of what we know today in modern paranormal tales comes from Stoker original genius. I wonder what Stoker would say if he could see all the sensationalism today about creatures of the night? He’d probably get a kick out of it no doubt.

What’s so masterful about his book is how it’s written. With the journal writings, letters, phonograph recordings etc…, Stoker’s clever depiction of each character is sheer brilliance. He so ingeniously captured his characters like he was flawlessly fluent in their native tone, switching effortlessly from character to character all in sync with the novel. I was amazed. For me, this was the original tale that put the proverbial “Vampire” stake in the unholy ground. Stoker’s preternatural imagination delves far beyond the holy water, garlic and creature of the night aspect. He weaves in werewolves, bats, mist, fog, children among other things and…let’s not forget, Van Helsing.

I won't say what Dracula’s about because…unless you've been under a rock for the last 150+ years, you already know the gist of the story. However, don't let Hollywood fool you. Read the book. It's OH so much better.

The only downside was – and I can’t believe I’m revealing this – in many parts it comes off a bit long winded. But, I feel that is because lately I’ve been spoon fed the cookie-cutter books that are out there with quick and to the point plots. Trying to shove Stoker’s Dracula into that literary box would be a travesty and thus would dismiss the art of this timeless classic.

It’s been sometime since I’ve read this novel and it was an absolute pleasure to rediscover it. I so loved it and will forever be part of my Classic Collection. What’s that? It's my treasured book collection; one of the few I will always turn to for inspiration and read over and over again.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Bram Stoker’s Dracula a 5.

Until next time...for heaven's sake...read a Creepy Classic!

Mina B.

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