Friday, September 3, 2010

Richelle Mead’s New Book Cover: Iron Crowned

How about Richelle Mead’s new book cover art for her Dark Swan series: Iron Crowned. Take a look at her blog post for more information on book 3 in her Darn Swan series (Release date is scheduled for sometime in March 2011.) It’s pretty cool huh? I cannot wait to dip into this series. I have an endless list of books I’m dying to read. In fact I’ve just named my TBR list: “Dying to Read”.

See on the side of my blog here to see where they fall in queue. Also, should you see any book that you’ve read, then drop me an email (Mina) and tell me what you think or comment on this post (Send me a link to your review or blog post for another link back/shout out.

Until next time…read something dark, the creepier the better.

Mina B.

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