Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review: Kresley Cole’s Kiss Of A Demon King

My next review is of Kresley Cole's  Kiss of a Demon King , Book 6 in her Immortals After Dark Series. I’ve already reviewed Book 1, A Hunger Like No Other Click here to read my review. Cole has a remarkable ability to capture sensuality and vulnerability in her characters. I so love that about her novels.

Coming off of Cole’s Book 5, Dark Desires After Dusk, this book is also about DEMONS! Not since Joss Whedon or Larissa Ione have I been so excited about demons. And can I tell you this rage demon has horns….purrrrrr YES! The Demon King, Rydsrtom, has horns and he’s still hawt. Go figure. Only in a Kresley Cole novel would it be conceivable that a horny demon would be hawt. Which reminds me…he’s horny as hell too, especially after he meets his woman, Sabine.

Kiss of a Demon King sucks you right in from the start. The book opens up with Sabine and paints such vivid imagery about the sorceress giving us immediate insight into her domineering presence. I totally loved that about her character. She’s beautiful, tough, cunning and just a formidable as her male counterparts. Sabine is the Queen of Illusions, a magical being so powerful that she’s known to turn other beings brains into soup. As the master of illusion, she’s foretold by the Hag that she’s destined to be the Demon King’s queen.

Here’s the catch though. Rydstrom is all that is good, kind and honorable (and hawt too but we already covered that). He’s playing for Team Good. Sabine is completely opposite; an evil, lying, greedy sorceress who works for his arch nemesis, Omort. With these two so radically different, how can they be destined for a date, let alone an eternal relationship?

What I like best about this book is how each character pushes, teases, torments and seduces each other. Men and women often do that to one another in relationships. And Cole captures that perfectly.

Despite their differences, Rydstrom and Sabine have a cosmic attraction. I can’t tell you how many times I roared when Sabine referred to him. “Demon,...”. And since reading this, I now refer to my husband the very same way.

Kiss of a Demon King is a refreshing, unique tale. And let me tell you, in a sea of paranormal romance books, I so appreciate a tale that’s not only different but great.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Kresley Cole's Kiss of a Demon King 3 ¾.

Until next time…read something, anything by Kresley Cole.

Mina B.



Great review!!! I read this one, and have this review saved to post.

Mina Burrows said...

Thanks. I'm reading Book 4 in the series now. I now its a bit backwards but, hey. :0)