Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zoe Winter's Killer iKindle Promotion

OK, so I have to say how uber impressed I am with Zoe Winter’s marketing blitz for her latest book, Blood Lust. This paranormal book is a compilation of her Preternatural Series and is selling right now via Amazon/iKindle for only $2.99. That’s just my price point and so I bought it…and so should you.

See the book cover below plus the book overview. You have until the end of the day TODAY (Sept. 4th) to get in on this killer promotion. Buy Blood Lust before the end of today and get your name thrown in the hat to win an iKindle. Ooohh, how I love this promotion! My hat’s off to Ms. Winters. From what I’ve read on the Amazon reviews, this book promises to be killer.  Stay tuned as I plan on reviewing this book this month.

It's all about the blood...

Comprised of three novellas (Available now individually at Amazon), Blood Lust gives readers a snapshot look at the world of the Preternaturals Series. (Future installments of the series will be novels.)

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Also, Zoe has Kept, a free read available on Amazon.

Until next time…read a book that doesn’t break your bank. Try Zoe Winter’s Blood Lust of just $2.99 on iKindle.

Mina B.

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And the winner is...see Zoe's site for details.