Friday, August 13, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Lynsay Sands's Bite Me If You Can

Lynsay Sands’s next book (#6) in her Argeneau series is Bite Me If You Can. It’s all about Lucian Argeneau's story; the two thousand year old immortal who is not only head of the Argeneau family but head of the council that polices/investigates rogue vampires.
In Book 6, Lucian's on the hunt for rogues.  It appear's there’s a deadly bloodsucker on the loose, one from Lucian’s past who is wreaking havoc, creating vamps left and right. In Sands’s immortal realm, vampires are only able to create one vampire during their entire existence. Usually the immortals use this opportunity to turn a human if they find their life mate. This vital rule was designed to control the number of immortals. If these rules weren’t in place, then the vampires would increase exponentially and eventually deplete their only life source, human blood. Lucien is ruthless as head of the council and tolerates little when it comes to dealing with immortals that don’t follow the rules. And now, he’s in a pile of mess, discovering more and more fledgings (newbie vampires) and losing his patience in the process.

Everything changes, of course, once he meets Leigh; a sassy, intelligent young female who got caught in the crossfire of a rogue gone bad.

Leigh was minding her own business, literally, when she was attacked. And then she turned into an immortal being, forced into an eternal way of life, Lucian, who rarely coddles, finds himself oddly attracted to the female. Not that he admits it, at first. Once he realizes he can’t read Leigh and she’s his life mate, he’s the one forced to look at his immortal life in a new light. Lucian’s the oldest of his kin and as far as he’s concerned too damned old for romance, let alone the hot, young miss. Lucky for him, Leigh’s just as strong-minded as him to keep their relationship interesting.

This novel was a bit darker than the others but I liked it just the same. The vampire villain, Morgan, was a treat. At one point, you even felt bad for the rogue vampire. Lynsay matched Lucian perfectly with the bright, level-headed Leigh. Although there are other Argeneau tales that I enjoyed more, if you’re a die-hard fan, like me, than you’ll want to sink your teeth into every character’s story. And once you do, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, Lynsay Sands’s Bite Me If You Can is a 3.5.

Until next time…read more from Lynsay Sands.

Mina B.

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