Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Lynsay Sands's A Bite to Remember

Before I review Book 5 in Lynsay Sands’s Argeneau Series, A Bite to Remember, I want to remind everyone about my FREE Book Contest & Upcoming Author Interview with Lynsay Sands. The contest is running now until August 16th – eod (Click here for details.). My author interview is scheduled on August 16th as well so stay tuned for the killer festivities.

Now…on to A Bite to Remember. This vampire tale features Vincent Argeneau the cousin of Bastien Argeneau and the nephew of Marguerite. Vincent made his first appearance in Tall, Dark & Hungry as a secondary character that made us readers just want more. Vincent was a treasure and in Bastien’s story, he’s fricking hilarious. As an actor, producer and owner of the NY playhouse, it becomes apparent towards the end of Tall, Dark & Hungry that someone’s trying to sabotage his life.

At the beginning, Vincent’s back in LA, back to somewhat of a normal life. All is well except for that annoying notion that someone’s out to destroy his life. Bastien sends the company’s private eye, Jackie Morrisey to investigate the person behind all the frivolous attacks. What’s interesting is Jackie’s human but she’s “in the know” about the Argeneau’s and the immortal’s way of life.

Vincent has one serious problem though…he can’t drink blood from bags. He has to go directly to the source i.e. neck, vein or off the hoof as Marguerite likes to call it. Jackie is so darn cute how she goes out of her way to remain professional, while thwarting off attacks against her client. She even goes as far as ordering out for Vincent, calling in take-out/delivery people into Vincent’s home.

Vincent and Jackie have an undeniable attraction. Vincent can’t read her, which is the neon indicator of a life mate. But with a sabotager on the loose, how can either of them commit to an eternal relationship?

A Bite to Remember was a good book with small “who done it” plot added into the mix. In the end it had to be one of two people – which it was. Two other characters of note that entered into the Argeneau realm were Tiny, Jackie’s human side-kick and Christian. I love these two characters. Tiny gets his own story in Sands’s recent Anthology, Bitten By Cupid (Check out my review.) Marguerite makes an appearance too and is so inspired with Jackie’s career, she decides to become a detective. Christian is so intrigued with her; he hires her to find his long lost mother.

Ah the Argeneau’s...they are the epitome of family dynamic and dysfunction all rolled up into one. To read them is to know them and ultimately…to love each and every one of them. I so loved this series and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’m betting you will too.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I’m giving A Bite to Remember a 4.

Until next time…you must read Lynday Sands’s Argeneau immortal/vampire novels.

Mina B.

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