Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Paranormal Review, Lynsay Sands’s Single, White Vampire

Continuing on in my “All Things Lynsay Sands” blog segment, I’m reviewing Book 3 in her Argeneau series, Single White Vampire. By far, of the first three, it’s the funniest. Is it because the plot takes some jabs at the publishing industry and readers in general? Probably.

How can I say this? The book is quite clever. I love Lucern Argeneau. He suffers from what I call (GOMS) grumpy old man syndrome. That’s probably because he’s lived an immortal life of several hundred centuries. Of course, a man would be jaded after living that long without romance…right?...heck yes! A man would definitely be jaded and a woman, probably bitter. But we’re talking about Lucern here. He’s the oldest of Marguerite’s children: the first born, if you will. And his grumpiness is one of his most likable features, I feel. Sands’s has an uncanny ability to reach into such depth with her characters that – aside from the whole vampire thing – they feel like real, ordinary people. Who hasn’t from time to time met that older guy that deep down is a softy but on the surface is all crusty…like a marshmallow. I think that’s how Marguerite described him.

The beginning is a hoot. Lucern is this hot new paranormal romance writer who writes fiction which just so happens to be historical accounts of his family’s love tales. He’s had two best sellers and all his editor, Kate C. Leever, wants is to meet him; the man behind the romance. What I love about Kate is she’s relentless and cunning at times…doing practically anything for her writers. The problem at first is Lucern wants nothing to do with her. He sits in his little box, writes his fictitious stories and sends them to his publisher. That’s about as much communication that he wants with his publisher. Most authors have to jump through hoops to sell, sell, sell their books. Lucern, a man who’s lived for centuries, could care less about playing the publishing game. But Kate (his esteemed editor) is determined to persevere and meet the elusive, Mr. Argeneau. So…she sends him letter, after letter, after fed-ex, etc… with no response. And what does she do when she gets no response…she takes a trip to Canada to meet her most prized author. Despite nearly being thrown out once she arrives, Kate’s determination wins and Lucern eventually concedes, letting her stay awhile. Of course the whole blood thing comes into play, followed by the life mate revelation. And that’s when the fun begins.

That’s about all I’ll tell you. This book is total fun that you can’t help but feel you’re sitting right there, watching the drama unfold. Kate is so darn persistent; she finally gets Lucern to acquiesce with the publishing demands…thanks to Marguerite. That meddling Mamma is so darn pivotal in these series…they wouldn’t be half as good without her.

All I can say is if you’re looking for a vampire series to read that’s fun and different…try Lynsay Sands’s Argeneanu series. On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Single White Vampire a 3.75.

Until next time…shut the TV off and read, would ya?

Mina B.

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