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Paranormal Book Review: Sherrilyn Kenyon's The Dream Hunter

Today’s review is Sherrilyn Kennon’s The Dream Hunter.  It’s my understanding the novel is 10th in a series of Dark Hunter/Dream Hunter novels she writes.
Initially, I was searching for her Dark Hunter series when I came across this book. It looked interesting and so, I took a chance. There’s one thing for certain, Kenyon is a killer writer with a gift of transforming magical or godlike realms/situations credibly and intriguingly into present day. The first aspect that grabbed my attention was the setting in Santorini, Greece. I’m not a person that’s familiar or over enthusiastic about Greek mythology. But, after a few chapters of the tale, I was entertained to want to know more.
Arik was previously Oneroi – a protector of humans against the Skoti - somehow got demoted, imprisoned to a life of dreamed servitude as a Dream Hunter. He got caught experiencing off the chart emotions and was forced to become a sleep god, Skoti.  A Skoti travels in and out of an unsuspecting human’s subconscious while they’re dreaming and fulfills vivid, daring and often erotic fantasies. Skoti have lived for centuries without emotion, feeling nothing except when in a human’s dream. That all changes for Arik, of course, once he meets Dr. Megeara Kafieri (Geary).

Geary is a young, vivacious, Grecian scholar whose father’s (another Ph.D./archeologist) life obsession had been to find the city of Atlantis. Rumored to be hidden off the coast of Greece, Dr. Kafieri takes over her father’s plight, agreeing to do so at his deathbed.

Geary’s unbridled passion ignites a fury of want from Arik. Night after night he meets with her, infiltrating her mind and suspending her mind and body in sexual bliss. Each time they meet, Arik grows increasingly obsessed with the human and her appetite for love. He’s puzzled by her and decides he must meet her in real life and at any cost. His plan to cross over into the human world is all well and good but completely unrealistic. But this is a godly world that he lives in and when there is a will, there is often a way. Arik finds a way by using Hades, the god of the underworld, and makes a deadly pact.

Once Arik becomes human, he stumbles upon Geary and quickly discovers she’s the complete opposition to her subconscious self. Now Arik has little time to woo, earn the trust and enflame Geary – his human infatuation – and experience her live and in person before he’s summoned back to his pitiful existence as a Skoti.

The tale goes far deeper than this, delving into the worlds of Atlantis, other mythological gods and myths. That was actually one of my favorite parts of the book. Kenyon is a master at building characters. I wasn’t “in love” with the main characters but the other ones like Solin were exceptionally cool. The Dream Hunter wasn’t my favorite book, by far but I still liked it. If you like gods, Greek Mythology and romance, then you’ll enjoy this book too.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give The Dream Hunter a 3 ¼.

Until next time…looking for something different, read a Sherrilyn Kenyon The Dream Hunter.

Mina B.

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