Thursday, April 5, 2012

A-Z Challenge, Character Feature, Emma Rollins

Okay A-Z Challenge, here's another character feature. "E" is for "Emma" Rollins, my sixteen year old heroine of my urban fantasy YA novel.  I was bored with the stereotypical young females in YA books.  I honestly hadn't read anything (urban fantasy wise) that dealt with a girl playing team sports.  I'm sure they are out there, but...  Anyway, they say to write what you want to read so I did.  And as far as sports, I wanted real honest-to-goodness, sweat-dripping, game-winning, trophy-collecting team sports i.e. basketball, softball, swimming or soccer.  And so, Emma Rollins.

Here's an overview of Emma's tale: 

Emma Rollins is blessed. Nobody knows how precious her blood is except for Quinn, the vampire. And he’s dying to claim her. 

Aside from graduating college and playing soccer, all Emma wants is to be loved by her opportunist father and forget about the boy who broke her heart. Since accepting her college soccer scholarship, Emma is back-stabbed, beaten, bloodied and bitten too. And it’s only the first semester.
Before it’s over, Emma must uncover and accept her eternal fate, save her bullying teammates from perilous doom and face the alluring vampire that haunts her. Oh, and win a National title too. Yeah, being blessed is more like being cursed. But for Emma, it’s her only saving grace.
And here's a snippet of Emma describing her father:

Bob Rollins, my Dad, was a certifiable sport fanatic and his number-one game of choice was soccer.  He wore everything Adidas. Whether he was playing in a Men’s under forty-five league or eating at a restaurant, the man preferred Adidas to almost anything else. Almost anything, except women. Dad loved women about as much as he loved soccer; which is why he was involved in another no-end relationship with his current girlfriend, Cheryl, a.k.a. bimbo #5.

Dad was a young-looking, physically fit, middle-aged man with jet-black hair and grey eyes with gold flecks. Growing up, I often overheard friend’s mothers, even teachers, quietly gawk at him. I guessed he was cute, but eew gross, he was my Dad! He always used to say how I was a dead ringer for my mother who passed away when I was 5. I never believed him though.  At just over six feet, Dad had a domineering presence, especially when it came to his eyes. They were his calling card.
And lucky me, I had a pair just like him.
That's it.  I love family drama with characters which was why I put Bob in there.  

Mina B.


Nikki said...

Wow! I like this character very much, she sounds very interesting and I liked all of the things that you mentioned that make her blessings a curse. Very interesting!

Nikki – inspire nordic

Lynn Proctor said...

love your dad character!!

Danielle B. said...

This is a good piece! I love all the info you gave and Emma sounds amazing!

michelle said...

She sounds very interesting... and Dad sounds like a possible "lady killer"...

Robyn Campbell said...

Dad is such a fantastic character!!!!

Wow. I love the last line. Haunting. I'd read this in a heartbeat. No stereotypes here. *waving*

blissflower1969 said...

I like Emma's voice in describing her dad.

Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more A to Z goodness.

DL Hammons said...

Emma sounds like a very interesting character! And with a daughter who always played team sports, I know what you mean about the representation in popular literature! :)

DL Hammons @ Cruising Altitude 2.0
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Wow, she sounds like a KILLER character. Would LOVE to read more!

DonnaGalanti said...

Mina, loved hearing about your book and character. Sounds like heart-pounding stuff...ooohhh, cant wait to read more.

KarenG said...

Emma sounds interesting!

Nice to meet you and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge.

A to Z Challenge Host

SherryE said...

Emma sounds like a great chararacter!

Damyanti said...

This character sounds like someone I might like to get to know.

--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Michael Pierce said...

Great voice and description. Emma sounds like a kick-butt character!

Sarah Pearson said...

I like the sound of her - I can see potential for lots of conflict between her and her dad :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay. So I totally have to read this!!!! And I have to pass it on to EVERYONE I know!!

LOVE it!