Sunday, April 1, 2012

A-Z Challenge: Character feature, Abigail Scott

Today, I’ll kick off the Blogging from A-Z Challenge with a theme around characters.  I’ll still blog on my normal topics i.e. reviews, giveaways and Fred, but for April will feature characters that I’m either writing about or classic ones I adore. 
For the letter “A," I’m featuring a heroine I created for a paranormal romance I'm writing.  Her name is Abigail Scott and she's picture-perfect on the outside, but inside, she's a mess.  She’s a brilliant, cut-throat commercial real estate attorney who’s managed to achieve success early on in her career.  To say she's beautiful would be an understatement.  She has soulful grey eyes and dark lush hair that she perpetually binds in a ponytail.  At one glance, men would say her best feature would be her lips, which pout in a way that make men wonder about kissing them.  Sadly, the rest of Abigail 's body language warns men to back off.  With her über, successful career as a partner at Baxton, Harris, Thorton and Scott, on paper and by just one glance, Abigail appears to have it all, with one exception.  She's utterly alone.  At 30 and for her entire adult life, she's damn near impossible to get close to like Fort Knox.  Unfortunately, it will take a death of a loved one, a mysterious man and an unnerving gift to awaken Abigail's true self and inner desires.

That's my post for the letter "A" and character feature. What do think about Abigail? Do you like her? Or is she eh?

Mina B.


Kayla Beck said...

This was a very enjoyable "A" post! I think Abigail will be a fantastic heroine, and I'm very interested in knowing her story. Why is she so aloof? Who will it take to break through her outer shell? Fabulous!

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Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Very interesting MC. She is very today.

Anonymous said...

I like her! Great post and thanks for stopping by. :D I too am following you now and by the way, I live in a haunted house. The house itself is semi continual in it's additions to "spirits" but my old hutch came with and has remained with only 3. The hutch "spirits" are wonderful and the two new spirits that reside downstairs down bother anyone.. But, the little girl that plays on the stairs in the toy room and the two upstairs are mean!

Again. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your posts!

Anonymous said...

She sounds great! Because it will be interesting to dive beneath that aloof exterior to find out what lurks beneath AND to understand the fires of adversity that tempered her into what she is today. Great A post!

Nel said...

Great A post! Abigail sounds quite intriguing.
until next time...nel

Sarah Allan said...

Sounds like you have a well-rounded character there! Awesome "A" post. :-) You have a new follower!

Selim Yeniçeri said...

An interesting character, and I'm sure she would make a storyteller's job easier, providing a lot of natural material and issues to discuss and tell about. Such self-conflicting characters are hard to understand, but easy to write about. But the hardest part with them is to create a "real one" which isn't a paper doll. Congratulations MJ. I hope I translate one of your books someday.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

She sounds a bit like the main character in my series.

Sarah Pearson said...

I'd be interested in knowing what made her the way she is.

Damyanti said...

That's a great theme--- look forward to your challenge posts!

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---Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Mina Burrows said...

@Kayla - Thx Kayla. I really do torment Abigail in this story. Its needed though. :)

@Mary Giggles - Thanks. I am trying.

@MMMimi - Spooky houses did me in as a kid. Not so much fun back then, but now I'm digg'n in.

@lostinsidethecovers @Nel & Sarah - There is one major reason why Abbigail is what she is today.

@Selim - Thx. I have to be careful with the brooding of this one though.

@Alex - Really? Great minds then! :)

@Sarah - I can't wait to reveal why she is. :)

@Damy - Thanks. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew.