Friday, November 19, 2010

Fridays with Fred: A Football Fan

Today’s Fridays with Fred is all about the Miami Dolphins, folks. Fred is a huge fan. Why? I have no idea. Still, he’s a diehard just the same – which is why he’s wearing a Dan Marino jersey. I could have killed the Dolphins though when they took the TV slot for Vampire Diaries last night. Oh and by the way…the Dolphins lost too. Typical. Hey, I’m a fan but seriously; don’t mess with me and my vampires. I’m not a TV addict, I’m a book addict. But…I do like my vamp shows. And since Buffy’s not around anymore – what other options do I have?

Oh well. Fred still looks adorable in his jersey. As usual…he’s such a good sport. Don’t forget to check out Mary from BookHounds...phoDOGraphy. Enjoy your weekend.

Mina B.

Looking for other fun pix of Fred? Click here and here.


carla said...

Fred is just adorable always!
Just ask Darcy and Sophie. They can't wait for me to get the computer on, on Friday mornings.
Have a good weekend Fred and Mina!

Jackie said...

Fred may be a die hard fan but as long as he is warm that is all that really matters!

I am guessing that Vamp Diaries is taking a hiatus with reruns until their extended episode on the 2nd and then there marathon of shows next month too!

jackie >_<

Lisa said...

Fred is the coolest!

Mina Burrows said...

@Carla Thanks, Carla. You're so sweet. Fred's pretty smitten by Darcy and Sophie too.

@Jackie You're right. Fred all about staying warm. He doesn't like cold weather at all. Thanks for the info in the Vamp Diaries...that frees up some time for me. :)

@Lisa I totally agree He's way cooler than snoopy:)