Friday, November 12, 2010

Fridays with Fred: A Day at the Park

It's time for Fridays with Fred.  And this week is all about Fred’s day at the park.  The Doggie Park, that is.  He’s been there more than a few times.  You could say...he’s a pretty social pooch.  All frolicking aside, he’s slightly happier chasing his human friends rather than other dogs.  And just look, even the chicks dig him.  It figures it’d be a beagle sniffing around.  And from the next pix, it appears as if Fred missed her when she left.  Typical male. Doesn’t know he’s got until it’s gone. Still, it was a great day, indeed.

Do da doooo...

Well...if you must.

Was it something I said?

Enjoy your weekend.

Until next time…have fun with your canine this weekend.

Mina B.

Looking for other photos of my furry friend, here and here.


jackie b central texas said...

Poor Fred, a chick magnet for the wrong breed of dog!

jackie >_<

carla said...

Fun in the sun indeed.
Darcy and Sophie are inside today with rain and 40* outside. They have to go out to help with chores later tho. We did have some beautiful weather earlier this week.
You are looking fit and trim there Fred!
Very sharp looking guy!

Mina Burrows said...

@jackie - Don't I know it. He likes Chihuahua's too but they always nip at him. :(

@carla - That's too cold for Darcy & Sophie. But I'm sure they're used to it. Fred shakes when the temp hits 60. Our pooches are all about the drama *sigh*