Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Book Review: Lucienne Diver's ReVamped

Straight off my last review, I’m continuing on with Lucienne Diver’s second book in her YA series, Revamped.  I liked this one much better.  There are spoilers here so reader, beware.

From Book 1, Vamped, Gina and Bobby – the girlfriend/boyfriend vamps – are forced to work with the Feds.  I guess this organization oversees paranormal activity.  In Book 2, Gina and Bobby along with Rick get deputized, trained and assigned to investigate some strange occurrences.

Going undercover, Gina’s assigned as a Goth-type teenager to a local high school, Rick a jock and Bobby a smart, good looking kid who has to hang with the popular crowd. Having Gina be a pretend Goth girl was funny, indeed.  Her real personality – aside from being a vamp – is the exact opposite of the Goths.  I like how she immediately embraced her challenge and made friends.  Very cool.  As for Rick, I was terribly confused about his purpose.  He seemed to cause more problems – and for no good reason either.  I’d personally like to see Gina beat (possibly kill) his ungrateful butt!

Gina was wittier than ever this time around.  The odd thing about her is, she comes across like an airhead but then in her musings/actions she ends up…semi-intelligent.  I found her entertaining - just like before.  Sadly, Gina and Bobby didn’t get much face time.  I wasn’t too happy about that which makes me think maybe they aren’t as perfectly matched as I'd hoped. Ulric was my absolute favorite new character in the series and then, of course, Alistaire (but he wasn't new). I hate to say this but I’m not feeling the love so much with Bobby. :(  Ulric on the other hand was off the charts hot.  At first, I wasn’t sure what side he was on but I liked him.  He wasn’t all cookie-cut – and with his uniqueness…I wanted more.  Alistaire was bizarre, menacing, exciting and a breath of fresh air into the plot.  I’d like an entire book on Alistaire alone, but that’s me.

As far as the plot, the vampire council is back with a whole string of new characters.  And guess what…they are turning teenagers again.  Having Alistaire back and confronting his father added to the intrigue factor for me. There was a trader within one of the groups.  I wasn’t surprised it was one of Gina’s Goth gals.  I’m not sure what is next in this series but if it has anything to do with Gina, Alistaire and Ulric…I can’t wait to find out.  This book is fun YA read.  It's PG enough where you could toss it to your teenager and not worry.  And it has just enough vamp intrigue in it that a teen shouldn't get bored. 

On my KilloMeter, I give Lucienne Diver's YA book, Revamped a 3.75

Until next time….read on and as often as you can.

Mina B.

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