Monday, May 31, 2010

Paranormal Book Review: Larissa Ione's Desire Unchained

Hells Bells! I just finished reading Larissa Ione’s Book 2 in her Demonica Novels, Desire Unchained. Out of all four of the Seminus brothers, Shade’s story is the most unique.

Shade, like his brother Eidolon in Book 1, Pleasure Unbound (click here for my review), is about to go through the change: transforming himself into an insatiable sex demon. Shade’s only saving grace is finding a mate. The book begins with Shade waking up in a dungeon chained next to his ex-human girlfriend, Runa.

A year prior, she was nothing more than an innocent fling for the Seminus Demon. But for Runa, Shade was her heart’s desire until that fateful night when he betrayed her. It was a rude awakening for Runa when she caught Shade tangled in bed with two other female demons. Not only was he cheating on her but she found out his true identity, a demon. The obscene sight ripped out her heart, making her abruptly flee and by accident she ran directly into a raving werewolf. And yes, he bit her. Now, a year later, she’s a werewolf herself, stuck in a dungeon with man she loathes, her ex, Shade.

Shade broke her heart the first time and it was riveting poetic justice the way Runa wielded Shade’s heart the second time around. While being held captive by a dark enemy, they reconnect in a way neither one expected. Shade bonds himself to Runa, and is now mated to her for eternity. And what’s great – at least my favorite part – is she’s unable to bond to him, which made Shade deliciously vulnerable. The only question that haunted their romance was would Runa walk away? My oh my…how the tables are turned in this eternal relationship.

Trust is a common thread that flows effortlessly throughout this book. Ione is a master at tying in an over arching plot that brought everything back to family. Although this was not my favorite book, it was still a wonderful addition to the Demonica Series. Ione delivers with hilarious dialogue as usual, which I just couldn’t get enough of.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Desire Unchained a 3 ½.

Until next time…read a Demonica Novel.

Mina B.

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