Monday, May 10, 2010

Lara Adrian’s Announces Title of Book 9 in her Midnight Breed Series: Deeper Than Midnight

Lara Adrian announced the title for Book 9 in her Midnight Breed series, Deeper Than Midnight. And as a special perk, she's released the book's cover art.

Just a reminder this is Hunter's story. You know, Hunter, the Gen 1 vampire breed warrior that was bred and trained for one thing…killing. If you don't recall, we first met Hunter back in Book 5, Veil of Midnight. He was the assasin assigned to kill Gen 1 breed warrior, Sergei Yakut. Hunter's somewhat of a fledging, less than 50 yrs old. When on assignment about ready to strike, Hunter stumbles upon Mira, a young girl with freakish psychic powers who show’s Hunter his future. Hunter soon broke free from Dragos’s shackles and then joined The Order. And from what I recall about his character is he's a quiet, subdued and an efficient killing machine. I'm truly excited for his story but honestly not half as excited as I am to read Sterling Chase's story aka, Harvard. Still praying that’s coming soon.

Deeper than Midnight releases sometime in January 2011.

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