Monday, April 26, 2010

Paranormal Book Review: Mary Hughes’s Biting Nixie

I got a chance to read Mary Hughes's Biting Nixie not too long ago. I received an email blast with a mention of the book so I took a bite. It had a cute cover with a girl standing in pink/black horizontal stripped tights/shirt – see book cover below. I actually thought it was a YA book. What I later found out was it’s the second installment of an erotica vampire series. Had I known this beforehand I probably would’ve passed on the book. Why? Because I usually don’t jump into erotic-type books – only if they’re highly recommended such as Larissa Ione’s Demonic Series or JR Ward’s Dagger Series.

That being said, I still read the book. Nixie cracked me up. I really did like her character. She's a young brash, edgy, cool, punk-rocker chick that refuses to conform to society’s standards. And when she meets her vampire-to-be...the two have a heated connection, literally. The vampire, Julian, who Nixie called, suitguy, is the latest new comer to the town of Meiers Corners. He was....what can I say, tall, dark and uh…conservative. What was that? - A conservative and a cheeky punk chick? Yeah, and opposites do attract. He's an attorney (she's the musician, go figure) hired to represent the town in a legislative case where the city of Chicago is planning to annex Meiers Corners. The real story is a diabolical group of vampires called the Coterie want to take over the town of Meiers Corners. Julian, along with other good vampires, tries to save the minuscule Midwestern town. If the Coterie were to takeover, the humans would likely die or become a food source for the vamps.

What I liked most about this book were the characters. Nixie speaks a different language and it’s definitely comical at times, especially when she tries to communicate with Julian. And then half way through the book, Julian begins to understand her lingo. I enjoyed the part where he’s finally enlightened and starts spitting back her nonsensical jargon. As for the plot, it was…OK. About the sex well, it was definitely hot and I’m all for it, especially for the main characters. It just that…whenever the plot’s lacking, the sex becomes more of a filler for content vs. a part of the story. I have to admit; at times I was getting antsy or otherwise bored. Nevertheless, the characters were extremely likeable, which for me, made the book that much more enjoyable.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Biting Nixie a 3. Will I continue to read more books in the series? Maybe.

Until next time…will you read something already.

Mina B.

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Anonymous said...

I read the first one in the series. I thought it was good.