Monday, April 12, 2010

Paranormal Book Review: Lara Adrian’s Midnight Awakening

Book 3 in the Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series is Midnight AwakeningI’ve now reviewed four of her books, and I plan on continuing on getting through all seven within the next several posts. First off, let me inform all my readers, if you don’t know by now, I love Lara Adrian. She’s such a phenomenal writer that I actually wish I had one of those killer breed warriors knocking on my door. If you haven’t the faintest what I’m talking about then get yourself a copy of Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series. I’d personally start with Book 1, Kiss of Midnight, but hey, that’s the way I roll.
Okay, so like I stated in this earlier post, Kiss of Crimson and Midnight Awakening are my favs within the Midnight Breed Series. Midnight Awakening, Book 3 in the series opens with young, widowed breedmate, Elise. She’s the former wife of Quentin, Deputy Director for one of the Darkhavens (which is a political organization within the Breed). She’s paired up with Tegan, a cold, fearless Gen one vampire breed warrior. And the two dance a titillating, seductive romance that will literally heat you up.  Warning:  You may need a cold shower or a glass of ice water - whatever your poisen, you'll need it when reading this book...I promise. If I’d have to pick a favorite vampire breed warrior… it’d be Tegan.

Here’s the back story first:

In Book 2, Kiss of Crimson, we get a glimpse of Elise who’s still grieving for the loss of her dead husband. She's living in a local Darkhaven residence with her teenage son, Camden, and under the protection of her brother-in-law, Sterling Chase. When Camden disappears, Sterling and Elise seek the Order’s help. Sterling begins training and patrolling with the Order and is paired up with Dante – hoping to find Camden. Once Camden is found, it’s discovered he’s gone rogue; a result of ingesting the powerful drug Crimson. When Camden tries to attack his mother, Elise, Sterling kills him and shatters Elise’s world completely. Tegan befriends Elise in Book 2 and that’s when their world wind romance begins.

In Book 3, Midnight Awakening, Elise, now completely broken, leaves the safety of the Darkhaven and decides to live among the humans. Her only problem is she’s gifted (or cursed) with hearing evil thoughts of demented humans, minions in particular. These voices vibrate something awful in her brain, at times making her world crumble. Since living topside, she’s began playing in the dark war, fighting and many times killing any minion she can - all to avenge her Sweet Camden’s life. Tegan comes across the lovely breedmate one night hunting rogues. He follows her scent and uncovers her plight and meager surroundings. The intense couple, dance around their attraction to each other. At every turn, one will taunt, ridicule even dare the other to take their relationship to the next level. Their sensual relationship makes for such an enticing love story, and that’s only the romance side of the book. Adrian also brilliantly weaves in a killer plot filled with the narcissistic/diabolical Marek, a new player, Dragos and of course, the pinnacle to the storyline; a beast called the Ancient.

This book was so damn good that it’s now part of my Mina Burrows – Mystic Minds Classic Collection. What’s that? It's a part of my treasured book collection; one of the few I will always turn to for inspiration and read over and over again. Lara Adrian once again killed it for me, slashing it off the pages. On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Midnight Awakening a 5.

Until next time….read, and then repeat as needed.

Mina B.

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