Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paranormal Book Review: Lara Adrian’s Kiss of Midnight

Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series all started with Kiss of Midnight. My friend, Sandra, told me about these books last year. At the time, I'dnever heard of Lara Adrian but I decided to take a chance. I read the sample chapters on my iPhone and needless to say, I was instantaneoulsy hooked.
Gabrielle Maxwell is an up in coming photographer who on a night with her friends witnesses a bloody murder outside a mysterious club. The attackers were mad, deranged in some strange way. As she followed them down the alleyway, in her horror, she pulled out her cell phone and snapped several images of the feral beasts. The attackers were startled and Gabrielle ran like hell. Like a good citizen, doing her civic duty, she reports the crime to the police and is quickly dismissed as a lunatic.  That night, Lucan Thorne, the leader of the Breed Warriors, was outside that club, watching the rogue vampires terrorize their prey. He’d been observing them inside the club, where he first noticed Gabrielle, and then stalked them all outside. Lucan starred at Gabrielle incredulously as she followed the vampires.  She, in return was unaware of the danger or the fact she was being watched. Once she captures the deadly images and dashes away, she gave Lucan the advantage to swiftly execute the deadly rogues.

Lucan is intrigued by the female, but duty comes first and he needs to confiscate the pictures she took. In an attempt to recover the images and erase her memory, Lucan is love struck by the woman, who turns out to be a breedmate.

Lucan is breed, a hybrid alien species, which lives off of blood, human blood. To be breed is to be lethal. But there is a softer side to these warriors - one that us readers adore. They live their immortal lives with honor, code and above all love. Lara Adrian masterfully introduces a unique interpretation of a vampire. These breed warriors take mates, a special human female born with a rare birthmark, a special psychic gift and the ability to sustain an immortal life with the vampire breed. Once Lucan investigates Gabrielle, he’s intrigued to the point of lusting after her. That is until he finds out she’s a breedmate. He tries to put the brakes on the romance but soon finds himself too far gone with overwhelming admiration and a primal need to love and protect the female.

Adrian brilliantly weaves a meticulous plot into this paranormal love story. It has action, sex, betrayal, and introduces more lovable breed warrior characters (yum). Best of all, she gives us a happy ending for our hero and heroine – which is what everybody wants nowadays, right? Damn straight. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this series and how much I worship Lara Adrian.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give Kiss of Midnight a 4. If you’re gonna read this series at all, you have to start here first. I’m seven books in so far. Check out my review for the most recent book in the series, Shades of Midnight.

Until next time…if you’re looking for a book, a must read would be Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series.

Mina B.

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