Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lara Adrian posts Book 8, Taken by Midnight excerpt

Exciting news everyone…Lara Adrian, author of the best-selling Midnight Breed Series, has released information on Book 8, Taken by Midnight (fyi goes on sale Sept. 28, 2010). She’s released the book title, the cover art (here below) and an excerpt. And boy does it look good.

If you read her latest book, Shades of Midnight (one that spent 20 weeks on the New York Times best-selling list) than you’ve got a glimpse of the two main characters for her upcoming book, Taken by Midnight. Brock, another one of the order’s yummy warriors, is extremely protective over Jenna. Since her being attacked by the Ancient, Jenna has been in some sort of a coma and has since been sent back to the compound for observation. Brock has been taking care of Jenna since and in this next book, Taken by Midnight, we start to understand why. Take a sneak peek at the Taken by Midnight except.

Another tid bit, I’m told via Lara Adrian's newsletter that the book to follow, Book 9, will feature Hunter’s story and after that maybe (just maybe) we’ll finally get Sterling Chase’s, a.k.a. Harvard, story.

Lara Adrian’s got a lot of action going on. Can’t wait for Taken by Midnight / Brock’s story and can’t get enough of Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed warriors.

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