Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Review: Richelle Mead's Shadow Kiss

As I continue reviewing Richelle Mead’s, Vampire Academy series, today I have the pleasure of reviewing book 3, Shadow Kiss.
After the end of book 2, Frostbite, Rose is dealt the worst blow when she loses her treasured friend, Mason, while trying to protect the Moroi and some of her other dhampir friends. 

Shadow Kiss opens with Rose adjusting to life after her tragic ordeal.  Now adapting to life as a celebrated guardian in-training, Rose is biding her time until graduation, hoping to take on her official role as her best friend’s (Lissa) guardian. Mason's death scarred Rose so much so that after returning to St. Vladimir’s, Rose starts seeing Mason's ghost.  Poor girl feels as if she’s losing her mind. Over the course of Mason’s haunting, she discovers she’s shadow-kissed.

Being shadow-kissed takes a toll on Rose, as she strives to understand why she can see ghosts and what some of them, like Mason, want with her.

Her training life with Dimitri trudges on, until finally Dimitri and Rose succumb to their desire for one another. Not too long after their afternoon of bliss, the school is under siege. Strigoi have managed to break the school’s wards and change the life course of both Rose and Dimitri forever.

The ending of this book was heartwrenching to read. No sooner did Richelle Mead finally join Rose and Dimitri, did she then break them apart. All I kept thinking was poor Rose.

This book was thrilling, exciting, and filled with delicious twist and turns. I enjoyed it immensely up until the point where Dimitri’s character was compromised. I won’t say how but….I will say it was unbearable to read at times. Nevertheless, I do believe you will truly enjoy reading book as the rest of the series - as did I. On the Mina Burrow’s KilloMeter…Shadow Kiss is a 5. Richelle Mead slashed it off the pages and made me cry in the process.

Stay tuned as I review the next book in the Vampire Academy series, Blood Promise.

Until then…happy reading.


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