Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Review, Richelle Mead’s Blood Promise

If Book 3, Shadow Kiss, didn't submerge you into a depressive stupor, Richelle Mead’s fourth installment of the Vampire Academy, Blood Promise, should certainly do it. I’m not bashing the book or the writer in any way shape or form. I understand as an avid fan, it just had to be. That didn’t make it any easier to read.

When reading this book, I spent the better part with a tissue in hand, sobbing every few chapters. It's an emotional rollercoaster, I assure you.  One can’t help but feel tearful regard for Rose Hathaway and her resilience. She’s still that willful female, underdog character (now 18) that continues to blossom before our eyes; a true hero in every sense.

In Blood Promise, Rose is now adjusting to a life without Dimitri Belikov. He's gone or dead to most people, especially now since he’s turned Strigoi. Rose faces her toughest task yet, to leave St. Vladimir again, this time leaving behind her best friend Lissa (the last surviving Dragomir princess) in a quest to find her true love, Dimitri.

As a fearless guardian in training, she’s killed a fair share of Stigoi and now she must kill one more, her Dimitri.  After all, it was a blood promise she once made him, to set him free if he should ever be turned into an evil Strigoi.

Her first place to start is Dimitri’s homeland, where she befriends his family and friends and unknowingly stumbles upon her father, Ibrahim. In this gut-wrenching tale, Rose must be careful what she wishes for, because it’s that what she seeks that finds her instead and claims her as his own. In a suspenseful twist of fate, Dimitri and Rose path's cross, torturing their wants, needs and love for one another.

Lessons will be learned in Blood Promise, some…the hardest ones of all. Mistakes are made by both Rose and Dimitri, but who will it cost on the end?

All I can say is Richelle Mead is a master at cliffhangers. This book, however painful to read, left me burning for more. On the Mina Burrow’s KilloMeter, I give Blood Promise a 5. Richelle ripped it for me, thankfully so. I can’t wait for book 5, Spirit Bound.

Until next time…take care and keep reading.

Mina B. 

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