Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book Buzz: Downtown by Daneina Roltren

Hey there! Daneina Roltren's recently released Downtown, "a dark fantasy novel that will appeal to fans of steampunk and the new weird."  I love steampunk novels. You? Check out the book blurb of the sci-fi, steampunk thriller.

Downtown Book Blurb:   People are vanishing in Venice-like Skendgrot, and Vittoria Goritz, antiquities dealer and solipsist, is the prime suspect.

Yet Vitti is far from the sole culprit behind the strange disappearances. Skendgrot's militia have been quietly purging the city's undesirables, and the effects of this are reaching critical mass: the spaces left by the vanished criminals and ne'er-do-wells are being filled by an unstoppable flood of the hazy, semi-corporeal people nicknamed the inchoate.

But despite the warnings of the city's esotericists and natural philosophers, the militia are planning a mass vanishing, with a disastrous aftermath only Vitti can remedy—if she finally acknowledges the true extent of her ability.

Downtown is a steampunk novel to appeal to fans of dark fantasy and the new weird.

Get your copy of Downtown via Amazon here!

And as an added perk to my readers, the author has graciously donated one ecopy of her book for a giveaway. How awesome is that? See below and comment to win a free copy!

Mina B.

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Mary Preston said...

I really need to read more Steampunk. DOWNTOWN looks fabulous.

Meghan said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't read much steampunk. The whole genre is slightly confusing to me! I think it would be good to become more familiar with it, however.
mestith at gmail dot com

Ashtrie Karana Putrie said...

I have a friend that so much in love with steampunk story. Maybe I just curious what makes him so down with it ;p

Gina Gao said...

Thanks for the giveaway!