Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Jennifer Ashley’s The Mad, Bad Duke

Moving forward in my week of “All Things Jennifer Ashley”, I am reviewing Book 2 in her Nvengaria series, The Mad, Bad Duke. Fresh off of Penelope and Prince Charming, these paranormal historical romances are riddled with mystery, desire and authentically cool characters.

It all starts with a love spell. Oh, what a delicious way to start a book. Deirdre, a nitwited girl, seeks a love spell from a powerful gypsy to ensnare the likes of Alexander, the grand Duke of Nvengaria. He’s tall, dark and handsome, of course, and with his lethal presence, no member of England’s society would dare trifle with the great Duke. But not Meagan’s chit witted friend, Deirdre.

The spell backfires – gotta love that - and instead Meagan is trapped in a love spell that compels both her and the Duke to unspeakable passion. One night at a society ball and her virtue is ruined. The Duke knows he’s compromised the girl but can’t help his incessant attraction to her. What to do? What to do?

As the acting ambassador and sometimes spy to Nvengaria, Alexander, lives in England spending his time charming the ton while thwarting off assassin attempts and deadly espionage against his homeland. Once an enemy of Prince Damien, the ruler of Nvengaria, Alexander is now a trusted ally and he’d do just about anything to protect his beloved country.

There are several twists to this book including the presence of Myn, the leader of the Logosh and now a pivotal character in the plot of this book. Alexander’s past is a mystery and he’ll need Myn, Meagan and Egan (our yummy kilt wearing Scott) to reach his happy ending.

This was a cute book and fast read for me. I liked it because it was different. Sometimes when you read paranormal or urban fantasy, the plots get stale and same old same like boy meets girl under mystical circumstances and then snore – the plot sucks. Not this book. With its historical setting, Nvengaria patriotism and lovable characters, Ashley continues to bring this series to life.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give The Mad, Bad Duke a 3 ½.

Until next time….read, would ya? It’ll keep you out of trouble.

Mina B.

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