Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Jennifer Ashley’s Penelope & Prince Charming

For the next couple of weeks, I’m changing things up a tad and reviewing a few different types of paranormal books. For those that don’t know me, I’m also a lover of historical romance novels. To tally the amount of historical novels I’ve read just within the last year, would be obscene I assure you. Anyway, one of my favorite authors is best selling novelist, Jennifer Ashley. She’s an incredible writer with books in several genres including paranormal and historical romance.

Back in 2006, she launched The Nvengaria Series; a mystical series that takes place in historical England (early 1800’s).  Book 1, Penelope and Prince Charming, begins with Prince Damien accepting his birthright to take over his deceased father’s thrown and rule Nvengaria. But before he can do so, he must find his prophesized wife-to-be, Penelope Trask.

Prince Damien was use to women bowing to his every need until he met Penelope. For her, this foreign royal with his handsome features, charming wit and domineering presence was a bit too good to be true. And why on earth would he ever want her; a want-to-be-spinster? Damien came to Penelope professing love and spouting off prophecies and she thought he was crazy. But the one thing she couldn’t resist was the passion he ignited when he looked, spoke and kissed her. Damien was indeed her Prince Charming.

It all began with a prophecy to reunite two royal lines so that the country of Nvengaria, under Prince Damien’s rule, would thrive in peace and prosperity.  In order to succeed to his rightful place as ruler, he needs Penelope as his wife, by his side, entering into Nvengaria on the day of the country’s festival, a Midsummer’s Day. Since the deadline is quickly approaching, Prince Damien has to move fast. He’s not only racing against time, but also against his nemesis, Alexander the Duke.

Alexander uses magic, mystical creatures and assassins to derail Prince Damien’s journey to his homeland. With a fairy tale romance of a prophesized prince and princess sparring with a determined Duke, this historical/paranormal romance makes for some good reading.

On the Mina Burrows Killometer, I give Book 1 of the Jennifer Ashley’s Nvengaria series, Penelope and Prince Charming a 3 ½. If you like historical romance doused with mysticism, this charming tale is just for you.

Until next time…read something deliciously unique, read Jennifer Ashley.

Mina B.

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