Friday, June 11, 2010

Doing It Write – The Larissa’s Life Creative Writing Contest

A really cool contest is brewing over at Larissa’s Bookish Life – a paranormal romance book review site/blog. It’s a creative writing contest and has a few best selling paranormal authors involved. Authors like: Larissa Ione, Dakota Cassidy, Angie Frazier and Stella Price will be judging along with the site/blog's owner, Larissa.

Ever read a book and you wished it ended differently? I have. Well…now’s your chance. Rewrite an ending to a treasured or not so treasured book using no more than 1500 words. The deadline is June 14th and there are a slew of other contest rules. Check out Larissa’s blog for more information.

I personally will take a stab at it, if I have the time. I already know which book I’d like to rewrite and hope to throw something together over the weekend. Good luck to everyone participating. Better get your creative juices flowing and fast. I’m sure if you plan on entering…you’re gonna need all the creativity you can conjure.

Until next time…read, write and rewrite - but sometimes not in that order.

Mina B.

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