Sunday, April 1, 2018

A-Z Challenge: A is for Atlantis

Today marks day one of the AtoZ Challenge and we're starting with the letter A. This year my theme is Under the Sea Myths & Legends and for the letter A, I'm posting about what else but the mysterious legend of...


What is it about this legend that intrigues us? By all accounts, this Under the Sea myth started from Plato's writings some 2,400 years ago.  According to the History Channel, Plato wrote that the island of Atlantis was located in the "Atlantic Ocean, beyond the Pillars of Hercules," but other sources say it's located in Ireland or as far as Antartica. There are many theories about Atlantis, including that the lost city sunk into the sea or was even swallowed whole by the Bermuda Triangle. According to the National Geographic, the Atlantis's legend started as a dreamlike sort of world, where "half-human and half god" beings lived together and there was an abundance of gold, precious metals, wondrous creatures and more.  It is said to be protected by Posidean who crowned his son, the Atlas King to oversee the advanced society. Many scholars think Plato created the fictitious tale, trying to teach his beliefs through his storytelling. There are so many depictions of what Atlantis is or was, that its legendary status lends itself to significant debates on whether it's fact or fiction.

What I find fascinating which is indeed a fact is that all these years later, people are still mesmerized by it.

Books, Books & More Books on Atlantis

There have been so many books written about Atlantis, that it's possible you've probably read a novel with an Atlantis connection. I've read many books that have a link to the lost world. Novels in the sci-fi genre to the paranormal romance genre. The list of books available on the subject seems neverending and from the video above, it stated there are more books written about Atlantis than any other topic. How's that for legendary?

One of my favorite books I read recently was A.G. Riddle's book, THE ATLANTIS GENE. I'm curious what your favorite books on the subject? Have you ever written a novel that included the mysterious world?

That's it for the letter A. Have a fantastic week!


Margareta Spain said...

Interesting story and blog. Looking in for the Challenge.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Unfortunately I think it was a myth.