Monday, April 2, 2018

A-Z Challenge: B is for Bermuda Triangle

Day 2 of the AtoZ Challenge and we're on the letter B. My theme this year is about Under the Sea Myths & Legends and for the letter B, I'm posting about what else but the freakish ...

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a natural segway from my previous post on Atlantis. Also known as the Devil's Triangle, this legend seems to be more fact than fiction. It's a well-known fact that ships, planes cargo, and people too have been disappearing in the area years. Even as far back as Columbus writings mentioned disappearing ships and strange happenings.

According to the History Channel, the area which is located near my neck of the sea, is from "Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico." Between the strange electric fog reference, the spinning compass, time warps or even wormholes, the myths seem endless.  Do I think it's real? Well, it's hard to say.  There's something to be said for missing ships like the USS Cyclops which dissappeared over one hundred years ago with over 300 passengers on board. And that's just one of several disappearances, including one as recent as last year when a private plane went down in the area. Despite all the strange occurrences, the truth is there are plenty of areas that have disappearances much like the triangle. It's said that the Bermuda Triangle didn't have notoriety until some creative writers came along.  In the 1960's, Vincent Gaddis wrote a story called "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" which was published in Argosy Magazine. Some ten years later,  Charles Berlitz published THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE which was a best seller. These creative writings most likely spawned decades of paranormal theories which feed our lust for the Bermuda Triangle today. If you'e interested in reading more about the Bermuda triangle visit here.

Do you have a favorite book on the triangle? Have you read Berlitz's Bermuda Triangle? Are you writing or have you written a story about this myth?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's a really big ocean - easy for ships and planes to go missing anywhere.

Tizzy Brown said...

The Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated me. I read a book about it aimed at teens when I was a kid, but I can't remember the author.