Monday, April 13, 2015

A-Z: K is for Black Bess or the Knight of the Road

Week three into the A-Z Challenge and we are onto the letter K!  The penny dreadful I'm featuring today is Black Bess or the Knight of the Road by Edward Viles, 1866-68.

"Black Bess or the Knight of the Road"

According to the British Library, "Black Bess is a heavily fictionalized account of the life and death of the infamous English highway bandit Dick Turpin (1705-1739)."  The series romanticized an outlawed, unattractive legend and turned him into a hero with gentleman-like qualities.  And the name "Black Bess" in the title, was actually the name of the real Dick Turpin's horse.  Fitting since he was primarily a horse thief.  How cool is that?  The British library has a wonderful collection of both the text and colorful illustrations here.  These successful penny dreadfuls were like many at the time, focused on real-life crime, romance, and mystery.  

Where can I get a copy of Black Bess or the Knight of the Road?

The only ebook I was able to find...FREE was quite shockingly at Barnes & Nobles!  Wow!  I didn't expect that one from B&N.

Happy Monday, everyone!  How's the challenge going for you?  Have you met new friends?

Mina Burrows


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They turned him into a hero - how ironic!

S. L. Hennessy said...

Who doesn't love a good outlaw and horse thief?!

cleemckenzie said...

I love that you found a free copy at B&N. I think I'll hop over get one for me, too! Thanks.

djinnia said...

why does the highway man by alfred knowles come into my head when i read this?