Saturday, April 11, 2015

A-Z: I is for Ned Kelly, The Ironclad Australian Bushranger & J is for Spring-Heeled Jack

Today I'm posting for the letter I and J for the A-Z Challenge and the two penny dreadful topics are Ned Kelly, The Ironclad Australian Bushranger by J. S. Borlase and Spring-Heeled Jack.

"Ned Kelly, The Ironclad Australian Bushranger"

Ned Kelly, The Ironclad Australian Bushranger by James S. Borlase was a serial publication published as a novel in 1887 by General Publishing Company.  It was based on the infamous outlaw of the Victorian age, Ned Kelly. There were many books, plays and movies about the notorious Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang.  In fact, Heath Ledger played Ned Kelly in the 2003 flick, depicting how and "innocent man became the most wanted criminal in the world."  Now during the Victorian era, penny dreadfuls about highwaymen and adventure were largely popular.  Borlase must of have seen the potential of publishing a penny dreadful that embellished Ned's real-life story, right?  If you think about it, authors and publishers are still doing this, aren't they?

Where can I get a copy of Ned Kelly, The Ironclad Australian Bushranger?

Once again, I was not able to find the penny dreadful version in an e-copy format.  The only one I found was a hard copy via Google Books.

"Spring-Heeled Jack - The Terror of London"

Spring-Heeled Jack was based on an English myth from Victorian times, originating first from ghost sightings and then later as a devil-like creature who jumped buildings and preyed on young women.  Part real-life incidents and legend spurned the creation of the penny dreadful which was published in the late 1800s by an unknown author.  Like many stories ripped from the headlines, this penny dreadful takes the legend and created Jack Dacre.  Jack has his own back story about family, fortune, betrayal and more.  In the comic genre, Spring-Heeled Jack is an icon and there is ongoing speculation that Batman was based on the original legend.  Now that sounds interesting, doesn't it?   

Where can I get a copy of Spring-Heeled Jack - The Terror of London?

Great news!  I found a FREE ebook copy of Spring-Heeled Jack - The Terror of London from Manybooks. Woot!  How awesome it that?

Mina Burrows


S. L. Hennessy said...

I LOVE Ned Kelly. I've read and seen a lot about him, and he just fascinates me.

Timothy Brannan said...

Loved the tale of the Spring Heeled Jack!

Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
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