Monday, October 28, 2013

NBC’s Dracula: Have you been bitten?

NBC’s Dracula featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers premiered on last Friday night.   Did you get a chance to see it?  Since I’m such a huge fan of Bram Stoker’s classic, Dracula, I had to watch it.  My thoughts?  Truthfully…I’m on the fence.  Check out a sneak peak below:

Warning:  Spoilers are mentioned.  Read at your own risk.

NBC's Dracula was entertaining but completely different from the original story.  If you want a brief overview of the classic lit novel, see my review here.  The NBC version of Dracula is definitely unique because he's more of a vigilante and not necessarily a soulless bloodsucking monster (not yet anyway).  Interesting huh?  In the late 1800’s Dracula is awakened and reinvents himself as a wealthy American industrialist named Alexander Grayson.  He’s sworn vengeance against a secret group of ruthless business and political leaders called The Order of the Dragon.  This group did unspeakable things to Dracula hundreds of years ago, and he demands revenge.

Some of the original characters are present in this tale, including Mina, Jonathan, Lucy and even Van Helsing but the story has of course deviated.  Since this is a series, NBC must create plots that will entice viewership beyond the original tale.  And so how will Dracula extract revenge from his adversaries?  In short, Dracula wants to launch "wireless electricity technology" to the world and put the Order of the Dragon out of business.  I said it was a different story line, didn't I?    

Was it entertaining?  I suppose.  Will it be enough for me to watch an entire season or two?  I hope so, but I’m not sure.  Did you see the premier?  What were your thoughts?  If not click here to watch episode 1!  

Mina B.


Tonja said...

I haven't seen it. I can't help being intrigued by the name Rhys. Is that just me?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I didn't watch it. Not sure I can take on another series right now.

Dani said...

I did watch it and I liked it but was not in love with it... yet. I really love Rhys at an actor but I'm still not feeling the plot or other characters yet and waiting for it all to blossom. But I will continue to watch and see where it takes me.

Elise Fallson said...

I haven't seen this yet but I do like the teasers. Hopefully it'll get better. I only saw the first couple episodes of Sleepy Hollow...does it get any better?

S. L. Hennessy said...

I'm with you - has some interesting pieces, but I'm not sure how well they'll pull it off.

Mina Burrows said...

@Tonja - I like Rhys too.

@Alex - I agree. I usually catch up with these shows on demand.

@Dani - Me too. That's why I'm on the fence and hopeful.

@Elise - I liked the teasers. I think they're better than episode one. I'm sort of doubtful on the Sleepy Hollow series. One can never get enough of the headless horseman.

@SL - Yeah. Me neither.

Tonja said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

Lexa Cain said...

It's not available where I am, but I wouldn't watch it anyway. There's no new spin on vamps (like with Angel or True Blood) - it's just the same old Dracula story.

Thanks for your good wishes on Alex's blog about my cover reveal. I appreciated them! :-)

Lily Cate said...

I did watch the debut episode, and, well, I'm going to need to watch at least one more to make a call on this one.
For some reason, I expected it to be more modern, and I was a little surprised it was a period piece. (I didn't see anything about this before it popped up on Hulu, so I came in totally fresh) But maybe I'm just getting it confused with the new Sleep Hollow :)
Mr. Rhys Davies does need to work on that weird american accent, though.
And one request for the writers of the show - let the vampires be vampires! Especially since this is the tale of the original grand daddy vampire. He better get to eat some people.

Anonymous said...

I watched it because I am a fan of his from the series of the Tudors.I enjoyed the new twist although I also love the original. Nothing wrong with a new twist that may bring the original author a new fan to such a beloved character or story.

Suzanne Sapsed said...

I don't think it's available here yet, but I would definitely give it a go as I really enjoyed his portrayal of Henry VIII.
Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

Mina Lobo said...

Missed the first episode, tried the 2nd but couldn't get into it. I don't care much for Rhys, myself, and that he's being prevailed upon to speak in an American accent does nothing to raise his appeal in my eyes. He lacks an air of command I feel is necessary for a Dracula. I admit to being spoiled by Frank Langella's Count (1979, I think), as he was masterful. Shame, as I'm really into the late Victorian era, but I was disappointed by what I saw. May give it another go, but am not too enthused.

Elise, Sleepy Hollow irritated me initially, though I like the female lead a lot. Have not always managed to catch its first-run, as I've been traveling a lot for work and missing stuff, but want to catch up. It also doesn't follow the original (which annoys me), but I was just beginning to enjoy the dynamic between Abby and Ichabod.
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Michael Pierce said...

I've seen a lot of commercials for Dracula and it looked cool, but I was skeptical. You don't sound totally sold on it, so I'll wait for now. I'm really enjoying this season of AHS: Coven.