Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Obsession: Sookie Stackhouse Series

Okay, I was waaaay late coming to the Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse rave.  Being a vamp lover and having a penchant for all things creepy, I should have read these books sooner.  I have no excuse. None.  I knew for a few years I wanted to read them, but I just  didn't have the time until I made some - which meant no sleep.  I believe as a writer, you must read anything and everything that’s out there in your genre, in order to hone your craft.  And so I did.  Today, I thought I’d share some brief thoughts about the series to date and then in another post, I'll share my opinion of the HBO's TrueBlood series.

About the Sookie Stackhouse series:

In a nutshell the Sookie Stackhouse series are a never-ending dish of southern creepy comfort.  These are books I could read for an eternity and never get bored.  Sookie feels so familiar; a woman who thinks she’s a freak in so many ways, yet she’s still human (mostly).  I think we all can relate - at least the human side.  Her Deep South roots keep her unique and alluring to the core.  The way Harris infused Sookie’s Gram's influence is something that speaks to my very marrow.  My Grandma (while alive) used to have these old southern/nearly forgotten adages she’d say to us (the grand kids.) Back then, I laughed and ignored them. Now those memory clips  when I recall them - are like pure poetry to me.  Sookie rattles off these southern sayings that make me yearn for my long-gone grandmother. As you can see, from the beginning, I was smitten. Sookie is smart, fun, positive, a go-getter and never dull.  And above all, she has manners sprinkled with a “do unto others” mentality.  What a concept!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the snarky, tough chick heroine in books, but they are nearly everywhere in stories nowadays and I believe a bit overdone.

Creating solid likable characters comes naturally to Harris. There’s probably not one character I don’t admire in some way.  And the town Bon Temps resembles–"sups" aside the mess of Podunk towns that I lived around as a kid.  All the creepy creatures, vampires, fairies, elves, shifters, werewolves, witches, etc.… are awesome to say the least. The  story lines are incredible too.  Sookie finds love a few times, so there are always delicious love triangles that will satiate those who need romance in their fiction.  Whether it’s Sookie's first love, Bill, or the forbidden love of Eric, it’s all goooood!  Charlaine Harris knows how to write a series damn it!  There’s a reason why these are so loved.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the series, you really should. They are positively addicting!

Book 12, Deadlocked in the Sookie Stackhouse series comes out in May 2012.  Oh jeez, I can’t believe I have to wait that long.  She released chapter 2 recently for those who haven’t seen it.  Can't wait!

Mina B.


mimz said...

Oh, you're not late, I haven't read them yet! But I really want to, so I plan to do it sometime this year. :D

I know the books have like a dozen different covers (lol) which are your favourites?

Randi said...

I love Sookie! I read the series last summer, all 11 books in less than a week. I was sitting up until three or four o'clock in the morning in my un-air-conditioned living room because I couldn't put them down! :) Can't wait for Deadlocked.

jackie b central texas said...

The reasons why have never gotten this series to read are as simple as the fact that the covers never "spoke" to me so never got the books. Never had HBO so have not seen one episode of the popular show either.

Maybe when the last book is released, all of them are in MMPB and I find the books in a used bookstore will finally meet Sookie and see for myself what all the other fans rave about.

Stacy Henrie said...

Southern creepy? That sounds like a lot of fun. :)

Mary said...

I love those books, I've been reading them since they first started coming out.

mshatch said...

Love Sookie Stackhouse and I love True Blood, too. It may not follow the books exactly but it stays true to the characters. Glad you're enjoying the series :)

S. L. Hennessy said...

Not gonna lie, I didn't really want to read these books. But when I read the first one last summer, I got sucked in. As much as I hate to admit it...they're fun!

The Golden Eagle said...

I've never read this series. I have to say, with all the vampire books on the market I feel a little vamped-out at this point. :P

Mina Burrows said...

@mimz- I'm not sure if I have a fav of the series. I know that's strange, but I think I read them too fast.

@Randi - You are so funny! I read when I could so I get the whole sleep deprived thing.

@Jackie - Yeah, I understand. Having read the books now, I actually love the covers.

@Stacie - They are so dark and delicious! I promise you won't be disappointed.

@Mary - I wish I jumped on the train sooner with the series. But better late than never!

@Mshatch - I can't wait for Deadlocked.

@SLHennessy - That sounds a bit like why I wasn't interested either. I know better now.

@TheGoldenEagle: I'm not there...yet. I'm doing my damnest to exercise my demons though.

Danmark said...

If the cover of DEADLOCKED didn't tip you off, Sookie is flying solo for most of this book. Eric is discussed more than he actually appears, which is always a shame in my opinion since I'm obsessed with him. But even with less of Eric, crazy good stuff happens. Births, deaths, marriages, and much more heartbreak than Sookie has had to deal with in a very long time. I'll admit I choked up a time or two and I'm more than a little anxious for the future of several characters in DEAD EVER AFTER, which is due out in 2013. Fortunately, season 5 of True Blood premiers on June 5th on HBO. And even though the story lines are quite different, the characters are extremely faithful to the books. Bottomline, I'll take the Sookieverse any way I can get it. Take my advice and plan your own trip to Bon Temps soon. It's never a disappointment.