Monday, March 21, 2011

ARC Review: Rachel Caine's Bite Club

Book 10 in Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series, Bite Club, is set to release in early May.  An insane amount of fans are waiting patiently for the series latest installment.  I used to be one of those fans too, that is until I got my hands on an ARC copy.  Before I begin my review, I must give a GINORMOUS thanks to Rachel Caine and her team for providing me with an ARC copy of this coveted book, Bite Club.  I was beyond fortunate to read it earlier than most.
First off, if you are unfamiliar with the series, I’m listing a few of my previous Morganville reviews, specifically the last two, Book 8/Kiss of Death and Book 9/Ghost Town.  As always, I will do my best not to mention any spoilers, even though it's nearly impossible.

Something is always brewing in Morganville or Nowhere, Texas.  In Bite Club, Claire’s having an unusually ordinary day on campus until she witnesses her lab partner steal vials of vampire blood and then later finds him dead. The mystery starts there and then quickly unravels into chaos.

Bite Club delves wonderfully into Claire’s boyfriend, Shane Collins, and all his dark, misunderstood and repressed tendencies.  He’s a bit of ticking time bomb and woven brilliantly into the plot, Caine –who normally writes in third person – switched over and wrote first person, from Shanes’s perspective.  And it was awesome!  I know some people don’t like this.  But I did.  I loved getting a glimpse inside Shane’s head. On the surface, he comes off as a total slacker, but if you’re a fan, then you know he’s far more complex and smarter than that.  And reading his voice, you know he’s all heart.

In Bite Club, Shane’s thinks he’s found his calling when he signs up for martial arts classes.  While Shane hones his fighting skills, things in Morganville start to change including Shane.  Claire does her best to support him plus meet the demands of Amelie and Myrnin.  Amelie, whose constantly under the threat of vampires –possibly even humans– revolting against her, remains the ice queen when it comes to ruling Morganville.  And Myrnin gets in on the action which I found thoroughly entertaining.  There were so many laugh out loud moments in this book with Myrnin, especially since Frank Collins– Shane’s Dad –is now literally hard-wired to Myrnin’s mystical computer. I think Frank and Myrnin are the new dynamic duo, they were so hilarious.

Caine’s a genius at creating loveable characters, even when their menacing ones.  A genius! The plot has so many twists that guess what…even ol’ *bleep* is back.  I won’t tell you who, but I can tell you I nearly dropped the book.  Our young hero, Claire, is forever the driving force behind these perilous plots.  And in Bite Club, with all the dead bodies, exploding tempers, brutalizing fights and impending hostile take-overs, Claire’s got her work cut out for her. Again.

Bite Club was a 4.5 for me. I loved it and I have no doubt you will too.

Until next time…Morganville Vampires – the thrilling adventure continues.

Mina B.

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Ceska said...

If you haven't read Rachel Caine's Morganville series, the you've been missing out.
Morganville is fast paced, captivating, and above all else a terrific read. Each book ends with a soap opera esc ending that will leave the reader practically begging for more. The vampires in this series are not anything like the love struck, annoyingly weak vampires from teen love stories. Instead this is a story of survival, action, and relationships (not fake ones, but realistic ones with heart, that show the spectrums of life.)

Of course, if you've been a fan of the Morganville series already then get ready because Bite Club is different from anything else we've seen. Instead of just hearing from the protagonist Clair, we finally get to hear from some the other major characters in the series, in Bite Club we hear Shane's story.