Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hallucinating Housewives: A Wicked Dress

As previously mentioned, I’ve created a series that pokes fun at married women fantasizing, specifically about anything dark, morose and preferably creepy as hell.  The first one I posted last month was called The Beast.  This installment is called A Wicked Dress.  Enjoy.

A Wicked Dress

A witch stood erect with unruly red curls, wrapped in gray clothing. Using her one good black eye, she gazed at the innocent females before her.

Bound, gagged and blindfolded, the attractive females were shivering with fear, donned in nothing but their bras and panties.

Ignoring their whimpers, the witch cursed. “They all look the same.”

A second witch emerged. She wore the same attire, except for her inky hair and eerie green eyes. She grew defensive. “It took me weeks to find these.”

“Shut up, you fool.” The head witch’s bedeviling eye scanned the group. “Bring that one here.”

The lowly witch dragged a reluctant female forward.

The unknown woman was shaking uncontrollably while praying silently. She had imitation blond hair, false blue contacts and a voluptuous set of fake “C” cup boobs – just like the others, all except one.

The head witch poked and prodded at the female, scanning her face and body, searching for signs of oriniginality. She said in disgust. “Not one is unique?”

The second witch interrupted. “This one is scarred.”

The one-eyed witch’s lips twisted. “Good.”

The second witch pushed the marred female, causing her to land on her stomach. The female writhed in pain, exposing her defect to everyone.

“Get up,” the witch snarled, pulling her up.

The female stood on trembling knees.

Both witches agreed in unison. “Perfect.”


Anna shook her head, withdrawing from her daydream, hearing her husband call again. “Hurry up. We’re going to be late.”

Hurriedly, Anna glanced at her two dress choices. Should she wear the black one and be like everybody else, or should she dare to be different?

Summoning some originality, she donned the fuchsia slip dress and matching shoes.

At the mirror, Anna turned to her back and ogled at her angry scar.  With her short ebony hair, everyone would see her imperfection. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled seductively. “Oh well…I am feeling wicked tonight.”

Copyright 2011 by Mina Burrows.
All rights reserved

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