Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Review: Richelle Mead's Last Sacrifice

I’m reviewing Richelle Mead’s Last Sacrifice.  Before I forget, if you’re looking for a FREE copy of Last Sacrifice, you have until today, eod, to register to win via my FREE BOOK CONTEST. Although it’s the last book of Rose’s story, everyone should know by now it’s hardly the last of the series. For those interested, check out Mead's blog/website where she discusses Bloodlines and its status.  I believe it’s scheduled to release in August of 2011.  Can’t wait!

Now…onto to Last Sacrifice.  I’ll do my best not to provide any spoilers but I will have to concede a few – sorry.  After Spirit Bound, we learned Dimitri is back – no longer Strigoi and wants nothing to do with Rose.  Also, Queen Tasha was killed and Rose was framed and arrested for her murder.  The stage is set for Last Sacrifice when Rose is jailed, awaiting her trial. 

First off, it’s not a stretch of one’s imagination to know that Rose wouldn’t be stuck in a cell for too long.  I mean, hello…its Rose Hathaway.  Her friends and family had to rescue her or else she’d be convicted and put to death.  What I found odd was the journey she went on.  I loved that while Rose was hiding, she also played investigator, searching for Lissa’s potential half-sibling – Lissa’s father, Eric Dragomir’s illegitimate child.  But for me, as this part of the story unfolded, I found myself lost.  Hey, I still devoured it, but I was struggling with its purpose. Especially when “The Keepers” came into play.  I didn’t understand Joshua or the others and my only thought was Mead must have been setting up characters/scenarios for Bloodlines.

While Dimitri and Sydney were out gallivanting with Rose, Lissa, Christian and Adrian were back at court.  The plot was seemingly divided, bouncing back and forth between Lissa and Rose, of course.  Dimitri is still shunning Rose, at first – which made me sad - but after Spirit Bound, I began accepting that their relationship was over.  Adrian was the chosen knight and I was perfectly content with that scenario.  Interestingly, the plot may have evolved the way it did was because of Dimitri and Rose’s relationship.  Everyone knew they had unfinished business, but who knew what to make of it?  Their relationship had multi-layers and I thought Mead did a wonderful job at pulling back the layers, evaluating their past.  Once they did, the ending made sense to me. I won’t tell you what happened – it would be wrong on so many levels.

As for the Queen’s true murderer…I can tell you I didn’t see that coming.  I loved the ending of “who done it?”  It was classic!  As far as Lissa and her plight to save Rose and represent the Dragomir family on the Royal Counsel, I wasn’t surprised with that outcome.  We all knew Lissa was destined for greater things.  Read the book to find out.

Overall, I liked how it ended.  However, for me the story didn’t get delicious until after page 400 something.  From that point on, it captivated me until the very end.  Not enough Strigoi for me either.  As for a rating, I have to give Mead's Last Sacrifice a 4 only because it took longer for me to become enthralled.  Still, if you haven’t read the series, you’re missing out.  These books are everywhere, people (libraries, used book stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s and one of your friend’s book shelves.) So technically…you have no excuse.

Until next time…Mead’s Vampire Academy series is the bomb.

Mina B.

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