Friday, December 17, 2010

Fridays with Fred: Under Covers

I said it on my last post. I’ve been sick. I mean really sick. In fact, every person in my house has been ill, except for Fred. Lucky dog. But Fred is really the best when you’re under the weather. While my entire family has been laid up for the past week, Dr. Fred has made his rounds, giving us all attention, snuggles and kisses when he knows we feel blue. He’s just the best that way, really. This picture below is a natural pose of him, burrowing underneath my covers – a favorite pastime of his. It so nice to have such a faithful hound like Fred. He’s there for me no matter what. Even though I’m feeling like crap, my buddy, Fred makes it that much more tolerable.

Want to see more of Fred? Try here and here.
Also, check out Mary at Book Hounds and her wonderful phoDOGraphy.

Until next time…try not to catch the holiday flu like I did. Ugh. It’s the worst.

Mina B.


Lisa said...

Hope you all feel better soon - Fred is the perfect snuggler for the flu.

Jackie said...

No flu just bad sinus congestion for the last 3 weeks, hope all in your house are feeling better and those doggy kisses and snuggles do help!

Keep up the good job Dr. Fred!
jackie >_<

carla said...

Good going Dr. Fred, you've got a great bedside manner!
Hope you are all feeling better now Mina, and get to stay that way.

Mina Burrows said...

@Lisa - Thanks, Lis. It's been rough but at least I had Fred. :)

@Jackie - I hope you feel better too. Sinuses can be brutal. Fred & I thank you for the well wishes.

@Carla - Fred has unbelievable bedside manner. He's thinking of offering classes to all thos doctors who don't. Thanks for the well wishes too!

D Q said...

So sorry you've been sick. Hoping you feel better very soon.
Fred is just the sweetest!