Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Review: Rachel Caine's Kiss of Death

I finally finished Rachel Caine’s Kiss of Death.  And oh…it was soooo good.  Truthfully, I laughed out loud so many times…it was ridiculous.  Caine – like always - nails these Morganville characters so brilliantly that it made me enjoy Kiss of Death that much more.

First off…so much has happened to Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael. Claire and Shane’s relationship seems to be going to the next level.  Her parents aren’t that happy about it, but what parents of a 17 year old would be?  Naturally they want what’s best for Claire and hardly think Shane's the guy for her.  But with all his slacker tendencies, he still kind, gentle, and loving.  Maybe not all the time but at least when it counts.  On the other hand, Eve and Michael’s relationship is somewhat in question.  The strain in the relationship is only natural of course, since he’s undead and she’s still breathing.  It’s not like they can be together forever – unless she’s turned.  And if we know anything about the Morganville series – no one gets turned that easily.

All romance aside, Kiss of Death was all about a road trip. Specifically, Michael, Eve, Shane, and Claire were given free passes to exit Morganville so that Michael could record with a music producer in Dallas.  There’s one small caveat…Oliver was their assigned escort.  Part of my laugh out loud moments were from the visuals Caine descibed of the Glass house bunch driving in a car with Oliver.  You see…I’m from Texas and no one can appreciate the literary descriptions of flat lands, endless pavements and po-dunk towns more than a Texan.  Add in set of loveable Morganville characters and you have one hell of a road trip.  Just about everything you think could go wrong does – and that added to the hilarity.  Oliver was a pisser. I just adored the way initially (in book 1) he pretended to be a fun-loving hippy/coffee shop owner when deep down he was a sadistic, power hungry bloodsucking lunatic.  And did I mention he’s the road trip escort.  Hah Hah! Oooh he so vile at times it’s delicious.  I love how Claire goes toe-to-toe with him. Her character is growing too. Finally, I think she’s earned some respect from Oliver among others.

Even though the book ended on a somber note, there were those feel-good moments that just made the insane trip worthwhile. You can’t help but feel bad for Michael, Eve, Claire & Shane. I won’t tell you what happens because that would be wrong.  Go out and get it, read it and revel in another one of Rachel Caine’s riveting Morganville tales.  It’s classic Morganville so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

On my KilloMeter, I give Rachel Caine's Kiss of Death a 4.

Until next time…read the killer Morganville Series. You’ll be glad you did.

Mina B.

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