Friday, October 29, 2010

Fridays with Fred: Happy Halloween

Happy Friday and…Happy Halloween. It’s time for Friday’s with Fred. And this year’s he’s all about playing his part. Take a look at my buddy. He’s the best.

Ahoy there!
And look…he has friends too!

Sophie & Darcy
Fred is a pirate…duh! Such a good sport too. Don’t worry. I gave him tons of treats. And his friends, those loveable Robin Hood bandits, Darcy and Sophie. Aren’t the great! And so purdy too! Thanks Carla.


Lisa said...

Fred is the cutest pirate! Great costume.

Jackie said...

That is the cutest Pirate and Bandits have ever seen! I love it when dogs cooperate with dress up!

jackie >_<

Mina Burrows said...

@Lisa - Don't I know it!

@jackie - I won't tell you what I went through to get that shot. Although Sophie and Darcy seem very cooperative. :)

D Q said...

Mina, I love your Fridays with Fred pics-they always make me smile.
Fred makes a fine pirate and Sophie and Darcy--very cute!

Cindy said...

Happy Halloween Mina! Freddy is sooo cute, reminiscence of wishbone.

carla said...

Fred is so great a pirate! Love him!

Darcy and Sophie have resigned (sp?) themselves to photo shoots. They wait pretty good til I'm done and then get to go naked again.

I loved watching Wishbone! Fred would've been great on that show!

(sorry i'm late, i was rather out of the loop for a few days. thanks for the pics!)