Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A-Z: Classic Monsters - B is for Bride of Frankenstein

Today's A-Z Challenge post on Classic Monsters is for the letter "B," and my featured classic monster is the formidable freakish beauty, The Bride of Frankenstein.


Who is the Bride of Frankenstein?

Frankenstein, as we know is the creative brainchild of Mary Shelley.  (If you haven't had a chance to read this creepy classic check out my review.)  Like most classics there are spin-offs of the original. After the hugely successful classic film, Frankenstein, debuted in 1931, a continuation of the series was created with many of the same characters, and the film was known as The Bride of Frankenstein.
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About the Classic Film

The Bride of Frankenstein, directed by James Whale, was released in 1935.  The plot was simple.  The monster wants a mate, and Dr. Frankenstein is forces to do the unthinkable once again.  The best part of this story is when the bride is horrified when awakened and realizes her betrothed is a monster.  It was such a huge smash that it received raves of reviews like this one from The New York Times said the combination of Whales, Karloff, Elizabeth, Elsa and the other cast and crew members essentially created "a first-rate horror film."  That review was written in 1935 over seventy-five years ago, and we are still smitten to this day.

What makes The Bride a classic monster?

Well, it short, there was a huge fascination for the original tale and the idea of the Monster.  Much like today, fans couldn't get enough of Frankenstein.  I think what made this movie a huge success was the fact that it had the unique "original" element to it, much like Frankenstein.  Second, it had the quintessential aspect of love that we all are suckers for---even the creepy kind.  If you think about it, how can something so monstrous be capable of love?  And does he even deserve it?  I think we have the tragic answer in the end when The Bride refuses her betrothed.  What do you think this move was such a classic?  What make the endears us to the Bride?

My Favorite Bride Iteration

Of course I can't mention The Bride of Frankenstein without mentioning Madeline Kahn.  She is a classic actor herself.  No one depicts The Bride as good as the original except the vivacious vixen, Madeline Kahn, in the spin-off, slapstick comic, Young Frankenstein.

Did you have a different monster in mind for the letter "B" for my Classic Monster A-Z feature?  Any other thoughts as to why you think she is a classic monster?

Mina B.


Timothy Brannan said...

The Bride is a great choice.

The best thing about this movie (well one of the best things) is how well it still holds up. It is a great story. AND it is one that was completely original to the film. While all the "Universal Monsters" had literary precedents, the Bride didn't as such.

You can't get much more iconic than Elsa Lanchester. But I will agree that Madeline Kahn certainly was great! Man, I miss her.

Timothy S. Brannan
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Julia Matthews said...

Bride of Frankenstine is certainly a classic. Enjoyed your post today.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Awesome that you mentioned Young Frankenstein!

Mich said...

I always loved her hair. I attempted it in my goth days, but my skills are not really up to that level...

Young Frankenstein is brilliant. I wish my brain worked like Mel Brooks's. I'd be rich!


S. L. Hennessy said...

I LOVE the Bride of Frankenstein. She cracks me up in the broadway version of Young Frankenstein. Hilarious.

Natasha Duncan-Drake said...

I have to admit I have never actually seen the whole film *hangs head in shame*. I should look it out, I think it might be on Amazon Prime Instant Videos actually.

I also haven't managed to get that far in Young Frankenstein. My husband loves it, but I kind of wanted to throw things through the screen. I'm afraid that's how I tend to react to Mel Brooks movies, I love them or I hate them :).
Tasha's Thinkings

Sophie Duncan said...

I must also concur on the confession and say I haven't seen the whole movie, only clips. And, although I'm repeating my sister Natasha Duncan-Drake, I am in the same boat as her when it comes to Mel Brooks movies, so I didn't make it through the movie. However, the Bride of Frankenstein is an iconic monster, a woman who is known to even those of us who haven't seen the movie.

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djinnia said...

lily munster comes to mind whenever i see the bride's hair.

Margo Kelly said...

Fun post! :) I'm stopping in from both the A to Z Challenge and the IWSG. I hope you have a fabulous month!

Laura Clipson said...

I've never seen The Bride of Frankenstein, but I have read the novel. I always feel sorry for the monster.

athousandliveslived said...

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Tonja said...

Great choice of monster today! Madeline Kahn was awesome.

Mina Burrows said...

@Tim - I totally agree. The Monster is riveting still to this day.

@Julie - Thanks.

@Alex - Great minds, Alex. :)

@Mich - love her hair too.

@SL - Yup. Totally hilarious

@Tasha & @Sophie - I rented it recently so I could watch it again.

@djinna - I loved Lily.
@Margo - Thanks for stopping by
@Laura- Frankenstein is amazing.
@athusandlives - Sure. Thanks for stopping by.

Carrie-Anne Foster said...

I watched the movie when I was young. I don't remember much of it, expect her hair. Hard to forget that!

Carrie~Anne at That Dizzy Chick

The Happy Whisk said...

Fun post.

N J Magas said...

Frankenstein is perhaps one of the rare cases in which the movie adaptations are more interesting than the book.