Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Funny: I miss Buffy!

Happy Friday!  Okay so you know what a big Buffy fan I am, right?  I found this Buffy/Twilight meme and had a good chuckle.  I really do miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I loved that show.  I get a kick out these funny memes comparing the two.  Flipp'n hilarious.        

Remember this episode with the mayor?  #love

The Healthy Writers Club

Shallee McArthur meme, The Healthy Writers Club, is here today!  Since I was sick last week, I missed out.  Anyway, this week was rough.  I felt like I earned every drop of sweat.  My legs felt like they had cinder blocks attached to them.  That's what happens when you don't work out for a week.  Still, I rallied and stuck to my schedule of four times a week.  I ran about 10+ miles this week and used some other machines too.  I'm feeling way more healthier than last week.  Whew!  

Fridays with Fred...and Spike?

Fred gets a friend!  Meet Spike!  I don't have any pictures of Fred and him yet.  I think Fred's still adjusting to his new shadow.  Don't worry about Fred.  He's still top dog and there is plenty of love to go around.  Spike was a surprise gift from my husband and my kids and I are enjoying every minute.  What do you think?  You like his name?  I can't help it.  I'm a die-hard Buffy fan.        

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Have a great weekend.

Mina B.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Spike is adorable!
And tell me again what women see in Edward?

Laura said...

Aww bless, he's so cute!
I love Buffy, I'm actually re-watching it (for the hundredth time) at the minute, and I just saw the graduation episode. I love that line.

mshatch said...

Spike is very cute! And while I adore Buffy, too, I'm going to play devil's advocate and just say, I still love Twilight (team Edward all the way)and I'm not going to apologize for it. As for why women love him it's because he's hot as hell, can kick everyone's ass, loves deeply and completely, and is going to make Bella young and beautiful forever. Pretty tempting. Just sayin...

S. L. Hennessy said...

YOU NAMED YOUR DOG SPIKE? Seriously? That is amazing.

And god I miss Buffy too. My boyfriend has never seen it so I'm watching it from the beginning (for the zillionth time) with him, and it makes me weep that it's over. I can't wait to get to the season three finale - that part at the graduation cracks me up.

Mark Means said...

I was a huge Buffy and Angel fan, too...great stuff!

Congrats on your workouts and sticking with it. Something I need to work on, but I'm getting there :)

Lexa Cain said...

Love, love, love Buffy.
Hate, hate, hate Twilight.
I miss Buffy, too... :(

Angela Brown said...

Soon as I saw the name, Spike, I thought of Buffy. Good to know I was thinking in the right direction lol!

I loved Buffy as well and truly did give Twilight an honest try. I really did. Forced myself through the whole first book before I decided I was Team Jacob just because I couldn't be Team Sparkle.

But even I must admit there is something absolutely alluring about having someone love you so hard it aches them to their bones.

Carla said...

Hey Spike you are one handsome little man! But your big brother is still the coolest! You have some big paws to fill!
Looking forward to seeing more of both of you!
Darcy & Sophie say hi.