Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creepy Classic: Kidnapped

Before 2011 ends, I wanted to post another Creepy Classic review. This one, however not mystical, is just as creepy. Fresh off the heels of Treasure Island, I felt the pull of Robert Louis Stevenson’s machinations and found myself searching for another one of his classics. I stumbled upon Kidnapped, which is another novel Stevenson's wrote, which was equally as riveting as the beloved Treasure Island.
The story starts out with our narrator, David Balfour, a young teenager which we learn father has recently passed away.  As his mother is also deceased, he soon discovers he's not alone in the world and that he has a rich uncle who's gentry.  David begins his adventure the moment he sets out to meet his uncle, Ebinezer.  On the trip there he meets various village people in the area that warn him of his uncle. This sets the stage for the adventure, because David clearly was warned.  After arriving, David soon learns his uncle is the most bizarre man with a propensity to distrust people, especially his new nephew.  Ebinezer's behavior intensifies and begins threatening David’s life.  And the reason, of course, is because of money.  It appears, David's father and uncle were twins and since David's father was the first born, that would then make David the rightful heir to the Shaw estate.

The worst thing young David did was trust his uncle in any way shape or form.   The man was pure evil.  Not only did Uncle Ebinezer attempt to kill David, but he also arranged for him to be kidnapped, taken to America and sold as a slave.  Poor David.  As David is captured and stolen away on a ship ran by a band of thieves and murderers, we soon learn how perilous his circumstances are.  However, like a brilliant hero, he bides his time, adapting to various situations until he meets a Scotsman, Alan Breck (Stewart).  Alan was found and picked up by the ship and it's Captain Hoseason, and was about to be backstabbed when David learns of the plan and confesses the scheme to the stranger.  As David befriends Alan, the two embark on a wild adventure fighting their way off a murderous voyage, and then finding them both shipwrecked on the Isle of Erraid.  The two then journey through the highlands and lowlands of Scotland.  In a word... fascinating.  David was so young and virtuous; he was the type character that constantly made you want to be a better person.  I loved him for his innocence and for his commitment to his father and above all his friend, Alan.  What a wonderful read.

I won't tell you what happens in this classic. I've already said too much.  It was just short of genius as are most of Stevenson's tales.  I have this new-found appreciation for Scotland that I hadn't had before.  You don't know what you're missing until to you dive into the wildly imaginative storytelling of Stevenson.  If you get a chance…read this classic.  Kidnapped is 4.5 on my scale.  Since it's a classic its free via Kindle or other e-apps, so now you have no excuse.

Hope you all have a spectacular New Year's eve.

Mina B.


Kimberly said...

Great review. It sounds like a fascinating read.

Happy New Year!

Jessica Therrien said...

4.5...sounds like a good one :) Hope you are having a wonderful New Year!