Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Novel Questions For Readers & Writers

I’m writing this post today with two things in mind.  First, I’d like to get perspective from readers, and then I’d like to hear from my writer friends. 

As for readers, yesterday I was given a survey from goodreads, asking specific questions about how many books I purchased i.e. hard cover, paperback, used, eformat, audio, borrowed from the library, etc…Naturally, I had much to offer.  But then the topic got me thinking...  As a reader, with so many book formats available these days, which ones do you prefer?  How do you like your books?

Two years ago, most people were reluctant to read eBooks, now with the abundant technology platforms/devices available, people are more accepting of them – at least ebook sales certainly indicate so.  As a reader, I don’t particularly care which format the book comes in, only the content.  For me, eBooks are easier to read at night, but that can be a curse when you need sleep. 

As for my writer friends, having all types of formats available for your book is essential.  However, with the demand of eBooks, writers are not only considering their formats or pricing more closely, but also how frequently they publish their books.  I had the pleasure of reading an insightful post from a writer, Vincent Zandri at from House Wife Blues and Chihuahua Stories.  Gone are the days when an author could write one book a year.  Nowadays, writers must strive to write at least 2-3 a year plus more.  I found this and his perspective enlightening, describing how the publishing industry used to be vs. how it is today.   Much has changed in publishing for all sides of the industry.  (On a side note, Vincent also has an excellent blog post about his personal journey as a writer - filled with successes and failures.  A must read)

Overall, the demand is good news for writers, especially self-publishing ones.   Which brings me to my question to my writer friends - whether traditionally or self-published - are you experiencing any of the demand mentioned?  I'm sure all cases vary, but still have you increased your writing to supply for the demand.  Thoughts?   

Mina B.


Michael Offutt said...

I say do what you can. Don't live up to what other people have done before you. Stay true to yourself and if it isn't good least you did your best. Doing the best is the key.

Lydia Kang said...

I like all formats but I will always have a preference for hardbacks. I just love holding a book in my hands, and reading off my Kindle for Mac isn't the same.

That being said, I won't flinch if the book I want to read is only an ebook. I'll buy that no problem.

Jessica Therrien said...

I still haven't purchased an e-book reader...eventually I'm going to have to. It's moving that way, no matter how much we resist.

Deedles said...

I don't have an e-book reader either. I do love the real thing! A great Hardcover. Paperbacks are fine also because with them I have more room for books. I love books-not just reading books. With an e-reader you really don't have the books.

MISH said...

I don't have an e-book reader... but will eventually get one, I suppose.
I love good old-fashioned hardcover books, but have nothing against the modern formats.

carla said...

I have an ereader,and also Kindle on PC, and I have collected an assortment of mostly free books on it. But I haven't read many of them.
There is nothing to compare to holding a real book to read, or to look at a stack of too be read books or rows of books on a shelf.
I also listen to alot of audio books from my library online, and I enjoy hearing a good story teller.
I like having the choices of different formats.

Mina Burrows said...

@Michael - Solid advice that I think needed.

@Lydia - Hard cover seems the way to go, but its costly.

@Jessica - ereader's on my list too. I think I want a tablet vs. a kindle.

@Deedles - You're like me. We both like our books anyway we can get them.

@MISH - I like Hardcover's too. *sigh* wish they weren't so expensive though.

@Carla - You're right about that. Nothing compares to the good old fashion book :)