Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: Hungry For You by Lynsay Sands

I recently read Hungry For You by best selling author, Lynsay Sands, which is Book 14 in the Argeneau series.  I loved this book from beginning to end.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Lynsay Sands or her novels, take a moment to read the author interview I did last year.  She’s amazing, truly.
In Hungry for You, Cale Valens another family member of the Argeneau clan is summoned to Canada to meet one of the Willan sisters, Alexandra.   If you recall, we first met Alex along with Jo and Samantha in Rogue Hunter when the three sisters were on vacation and also when Samantha met the love of her eternal life, Garrett.   It’s in that story where we learn Samantha’s quest to find her sister’s lifemates before turning an immortal (vampire) herself.   You would think that it would take several lifetimes to find the one," but no.   If not for Marguerite Argeneau’s matchmaking abilities, these girls and the extended family of Argeneau men, would never have found true love.

This book had me in hysterics in the beginning; I’d swear I’d recommend it alone just on that.   To me, one can never laugh enough and Lynsay brilliantly peppers her novels with witty real-life scenarios that are too hilarious for words.   I love her for that. When Cale arrives, he finds Alex is, indeed, his lifemate.   The telltale signs are he’s unable to read her and then suddenly - after a millenium or so of not eating food - his appetite is reawakened.   It’s a good thing too, because Alex is not only his lifemate, but also one of the premier chefs in her town.

Despite all the matchmaking Samantha and Marguerite orchestrate, Alex can’t be bothered with men since her career is finally flourishing, and she’s on the verge of opening up a second restaurant.   Excuses, excuses…I know, we’ve all heard them.   But the truth is Alex has been burned so bad in the past from a previous relationship with a mad chef, that relationships have left a bitter taste in her mouth.

In order to woe his chosen lifemate, Cale agrees to impersonate a chef, taking a job as the head chef in her restaurant.  With help from a zany cast of characters, Cale slowly wins Alex over until her past finally catches up with her.   I won’t tell you what happens, but this book is classic Lynsay Sands.  If you haven’t read the Argeneau series, you are completely missing out, and that’s just sad.  

For me, Hungry For You was a 4.5 and will forever bring a smile to my face.

Mina B.

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