Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Lynsay Sands's A Quick Bite

The first Lynsay Sands's book I picked up to read was Book 1 in the Argeneau series, A Quick Bite. I’m so glad I did…because it was really good.

Lissianna is the youngest of the Argeneau family.  At 200+, she’s the baby of the family.  Can you imagine?  I was hooked from the beginning of the book.  Young psychologist, Dr. Greg Hewitt, is overworked, overtired and rarely plays.  He’s quite dull, really.  And just when he’s about to go on an extended holiday - one he’s in dire need of - he ends up being kidnapped by Lissianna’s mother, Marguerite.  Uh…sort of, anyway. 

When you’re an immortal vampire, in Lynsay’s world, you have the ability to control the minds of humans and sometimes read the minds of immortals.  And that’s technically how Greg found himself tied to Lissianna’s bed. 

What first drew me into this series was how the main immortal/vampire character was female as opposed to male.  I loved that aspect of this book. Lissianna is this sweet, young and innocent vampire with one really big problem.  When she sees blood, she faints.  Marguerite, the meddlesome mother and full-time matchmaker, planned for this young psychologist to not only treat her daughter’s phobia but also considered him lifemate material.  I loved Marguerite from the beginning.  She’s the ideal matriarch for any family.  And there’s not a thing she wouldn’t do to ensure her children’s happiness.

What makes a person lifemate material?  The two people can’t read each other’s thoughts. This is essential in the immortal world since how much of relationship could you have with someone if you could control their minds and any given turn?

There’s more to the story than a so-called kidnapping, an immortal romance and a blood phobia. Lissianna and Greg face some near death experiences, being submerged in sunlight is one way to kill an eternal relationship before it’s even begun. We meet Lucian too: Lissianna’s uncle and Marguerite’s brother-in-law (and frankly the patriarch of the Argeneau family). He comes in with his commanding presence, and tried to put the screws to Greg. He, like Marguerite, would do just about anything to protect his family too. But he lacks the grace and subtlety that Marguerite has. I so loved Lucian. And just you wait, he gets his story too in Bite Me If You Can.

In the end, do Greg and Lissianna have an eternal happily ever after? You’ll just have to read it yourself to find out. This is a cute storypost, wearing a big red bow. Marguerite put him there. He was to be a present for Lissianna…but not that kind of present. Trust me…it get’s funnier.
; one you won’t regret reading. If you love vampires, immortals, romance, and great characters, then you’ll enjoy this book. And quite possibly adore the series.

On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give A Quick Bite 3.5.

Until next time…read something good, read the Argeneau series.

Mina B.

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